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  1. Public attitudes toward animals and the influential factors in contemporary China

    Contributor(s):: Su, B., Martens, P.

  2. Assessing and Enhancing the Welfare of Animals with Equivocal and Reliable Cues

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Jason V. Watters, Bethany L. Krebs

    The actions of human caretakers strongly influence animals living under human care. Here, we consider how intentional and unintentional signals provided by caretakers can inform our assessment of animals’ well-being as well as help to support it. Our aim is to assist in further developing...

  3. A Dog's Got Personality: A Cross-Species Comparative Approach to Personality Judgments in Dogs and Humans

    | Contributor(s):: S.D. Gosling, V.S.Y. Kwan, O.P. John

  4. Repeated exposure to positive events induces optimistic-like judgment and enhances fearfulness in chronically stressed sheep

    | Contributor(s):: Destrez, Alexandra, Deiss, Véronique, Leterrier, Christine, Calandreau, Ludovic, Boissy, Alain

    Chronic stress in farm animals can induce detrimental effects in emotional sensitivity and cognitive function, for example, by altering fearfulness and eliciting pessimistic-like judgment. Based on a few experiments carried out on laboratory animals, we suggest that exposing chronically stressed...

  5. Chronic stress induces pessimistic-like judgment and learning deficits in sheep

    | Contributor(s):: Destrez, Alexandra, Deiss, Véronique, Lévy, Frédéric, Calandreau, Ludovic, Lee, Caroline, Chaillou-Sagon, Elodie, Boissy, Alain

    Chronic stress can be described as a long-term negative affective state induced by an accumulation of negative emotional experiences that alters an individual's interactions with the environment. In humans, chronic stress induces both persistent judgment biases and learning deficits. We...

  6. More than man’s best friend: Diagnostic dogs in psychiatry

    | Contributor(s):: Parker, Gordon, Graham, Rebecca

  7. The Value of Judgments Regarding the Value of Animals

    | Contributor(s):: Levvis, Margaret Ayotte

  8. Emergent Theory and Model of Practice in Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling

    | Contributor(s):: Stewart, Leslie A. , Chang, Catherine Y., Rice, Robert

  9. Canine Sense and Sensibility: Tipping Points and Response Latency Variability as an Optimism Index in a Canine Judgement Bias Assessment

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Nicholas Branson, Denis Cody, Timothy R. Starling, Paul D. McGreevy, Melissa J. Starling

    Recent advances in animal welfare science used judgement bias, a type of cognitive bias, as a means to objectively measure an animal's affective state. It is postulated that animals showing heightened expectation of positive outcomes may be categorised optimistic, while those showing...

  10. Vulnerable Victims: Increasing Animal Cruelty Sentences to Reflect Society's Understanding of the Value of Animal Lives

    | Contributor(s):: Boyd, Megan E., Lamparello, Adam

  11. The Admissibility of Evidence of Animal Abuse in Criminal Trials for Child and Domestic Abuse

    | Contributor(s):: Angela Campbell

    Household violence is a serious problem throughout the country. When household 'violence cases reach the court system they present unique evidentiary problems. Courts have begun to address these evidentiary problems by allowing evidence of prior abuse of other household victims into criminal...

  12. Give a Dog a Bad Name and Hang Him: Evaluating Big, Black Dog Syndrome

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Woodward, L., Milliken, J., Humy, S.

    Two studies examined human perceptions of dog personality attributes based upon exposure to pictures of dogs of select breeds. The proposed hypotheses assessed the validity of "black dog syndrome"—whereby large, black dog breeds are reportedly spurned for adoption due to...

  13. Organization of semantic category exemplars in schizophrenia

    | Contributor(s):: Moelter, Stephen T., Hill, S. Kristian, Hughet, Paul, Gur, Ruben C., Gur, Raquel E., Ragland, J. Daniel

  14. The Influence of Animal Advocacy Groups in State Courts of Last Resort

    | Contributor(s):: Tauber, S.