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  1. Critical control points in the delivery of improved animal welfare

    Contributor(s):: Webster, J.

  2. Government regulations of Shechita (Jewish religious slaughter) in the twenty-first century: are they ethical?

    Contributor(s):: Zivotofsky, A. Z.

  3. How can economists help to improve animal welfare?

    Contributor(s):: Christensen, T., Lawrence, A., Lund, M., Stott, A., Sandoe, P.

  4. Exclusion by inclusion? On difficulties with regard to an effective ethical assessment of patenting in the field of agricultural bio-technology

    Contributor(s):: Baumgartner, C.

    In order to take ethical considerations of patenting biological material into account, the so-called "ordre public or morality clause" was implemented as Article 6 in the EC directive on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions, 98/44/EC. At first glance, this seems to provide a...

  5. Special Issue: Animal welfare in a broad perspective. Papers from the Nordic Network of Agriculture and Food Ethics. (Special Issue: Animal welfare in a broad perspective. Papers from the Nordic Network of Agriculture and Food Ethics.)

    Contributor(s):: Rocklinsberg, H., Gjerris, M.

    This special issue is a compilation of articles from dispersed research groups and individual PhD students which focus on interdisciplinary works on animal welfare involved in Nordic agri-aquaculture field and food ethics. Topics discussed are: how to consider the value of farm animals in...

  6. Ethology applied to animal ethics. (Special Issue: Animal suffering and welfare.)

    Contributor(s):: Wurbel, H.

    According to modern animal welfare legislation, animals should be protected from suffering and lasting harm not for the benefit of us humans as in earlier anthropocentric conceptions, but in their own interest. The driving force behind animal protection is our empathy with animals which triggers...

  7. European approaches to ensure good animal welfare. (Special Issue: Farm animal welfare since the Brambell report.)

    Contributor(s):: Veissier, I., Butterworth, A., Bock, B., Roe, E.

    Conventions to protect domestic animals during transport, farming and slaughter were established by the Council of Europe and approved by many European states. Conventions are followed by recommendations that specify how the general principles of conventions apply for the different species. The...

  8. Water off a duck's back: showers and troughs match ponds for improving duck welfare

    Contributor(s):: Jones, T. A., Waitt, C. D., Dawkins, M. S.

    The impact of production systems on the welfare of ducks grown for meat is becoming increasingly controversial. In the UK, approximately 18 million ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) were reared for meat in 2006 (British Poultry Council, 2008; http://www.poultry.uk.com/who_ducks01.htm). Despite the...

  9. Celeste Walsen

    '''Celeste Walsen DVM''' works with criminal justicefacilities to teach staff members the practicalities of using highly traineddogs in victim/witness support programs. As Executive Director...


  10. Ellen O'Neill-Stephens

    '''Ellen O’Neill-Stephens JD '''served as a deputyprosecuting attorney in Seattle, Washington for 26 years, retiring in Novemberof 2011; she is a pioneer in the use of dogs to provide emotional...


  11. Animals, rights and property: the (un)attachment of pets in Israeli law

    Contributor(s):: Pablo Lerner

  12. Animal ethics and legal status

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, Bernard E.

  13. Ethics and breed-discriminatory legislation [Forward]

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, Bernard E.

  14. The Legal and Moral Bases of Animal Rights

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, Bernard E.

  15. Alternatives to animal research: an animal welfare perspective

    Contributor(s):: Rowan, A. N.

  16. Animal welfare and biomedical research

    Contributor(s):: Rowan, Andrew N.

  17. Dog aggression and the pit bull terrier : proceedings

    Contributor(s):: Rowan, Andrew N.

  18. Attacks by pacts of dogs involving predation on human beings

    Contributor(s):: Borchelt, P. L., Lockwood, R., Beck, A. M., Voith, V. L.

  19. The Impact of The Canine Clean-up Law

    Contributor(s):: Beck, Alan M.

  20. Mar 14 2012

    Foreclosure Pets: Investigating and Prosecuting the Abandonment of Pets

    Companion animals are the silent victims of the financial downturn. While record-number of companion animals are being surrendered to animal shelters across the US, far too many are being abandoned...