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  1. ANIMALS Dangerous Dog Control: Limit Liability of Local Governments

    The Act limits the responsibilities of local governments in regulating dangerous dogs. Changes to definitions make identification of dangerous dogs and potentially dangerous dogs easier. The Act places on dog owners the duty to register dogs annually, and to notify local officials if they move to...

  2. Vicious Dog Laws Unconstitutional in Ohio

    Contributor(s):: Joan Schaffner, Barbara J. Gislason

    On March 3, 2006, an Ohio appeals court issued a landmark decision in City of Toledo v. Tellings, 2006 WL 513946 (Ohio App. 6 Dist), which may affect pit bulls and pit bull "look-a-likes" and their owners nationwide. Tellings was the owner of three pit bulls. The warden killed one of...

  3. Dogfighters on the Run: The HSUS Spurs Police Crackdown

    Contributor(s):: The Humane Society Of The United States

    How can anyone derive satisfaction from watching two dogs tear each other apart? How can anyone sit for hours, not only watching but cheering every wound, every broken leg or mangled eye?We can only guess the answers to such questions. What we do know is that every weekend, hundreds of men,...

  4. Epidemiological approaches to the pet overpopulation problem

    Contributor(s):: Linda Kay Lord

    Methods to accurately describe the pet overpopulation problem have been limited in their scope for the past 30 years. Although various studies have been conducted to estimate the magnitude of the problem at a local, state and national level, less than optimal methodology and response rates have...

  5. Students with autism, service dogs, and public schools: A review of state laws

    Contributor(s):: Hill, David R., King, Seth A., Mrachko, Alicia A.

  6. Reconsidering a Weakened Regulation: A Critical Analysis of Delisting in the Endangered Species Act

    Contributor(s):: Crystal D. Anderson

    The grizzly bear, a magnificent creature that once ranged throughout the west, was recently delisted from the protection of the Endangered Species Act (ESA)x, which it had benefitted from since being listed as a threatened species in 1975. Presumably, this delistingshould have been supported by...

  7. Animal mobilegalities: the regulation of animal movement in the American city

    Contributor(s):: Braverman, I.

  8. Attitudes of Taiwan veterinarians towards animal welfare

    Contributor(s):: Wu, S. Y., Lai, Y. T., Fei, C. Y., Jong, D. S.

    A survey was carried out to examine the attitudes of veterinarians in Taiwan towards animal welfare issues and current systems related to animal protection. The respondents were asked to express the extent to which they agreed with the importance of the Five Freedoms and relevant education in...

  9. No increased stress response in horses on small and electrically fenced paddocks

    Contributor(s):: Glauser, A., Burger, D., Dorland, H. A. van, Gygax, L., Bachmann, I., Howald, M., Bruckmaier, R. M.

    Regular free movement is an important factor for the wellbeing of horses, reducing the risk of behavioural disorders as well as maintaining bodily functions healthy. Currently animal welfare legislations in several countries require minimal stay times in outdoor enclosures. However, clear legal...

  10. Who Gets Charlie? The Emergence of Pet Custody Disputes in Family Law: Adapting Theoretical Tools from Child Law

    Contributor(s):: Rook, Deborah

  11. Notes on "Men, animals, and the law"

    Contributor(s):: Nader, Laura

  12. Unmasking the cosmopolitan tiger

    Contributor(s):: Jalais, Annu

  13. Current state of the chimpanzee pet trade in Sierra Leone

    Contributor(s):: Kabasawa, Asami

  14. 'It Is As Bad To Be a Black Man's Animal As It Is To Be a Black Man' - The Politics of Species in Sol Plaatje's Native Life in South Africa

    Contributor(s):: Swart, Sandra

  15. Listing Decisions under the Endangered Species Act: Why Better Science Isn't Always Better Policy

    Contributor(s):: Holly Doremus

  16. The Road to Recovery: A New Way of Thinking about the Endangered Species Act

    Contributor(s):: Federico Cheever

  17. Punishing Depictions of Animal Cruelty: Unconstitutional or a Valid Restriction on Speech?

    Contributor(s):: Kerry Adams

  18. Animal Law in Nevada: All Bark and No Bite

    Contributor(s):: Kathleen Wilde

  19. The ethics of a co-regulatory model for farm animal welfare research

    Contributor(s):: Phillips, C. J. C., Petherick, J. C.

    Standards for farm animal welfare are variously managed at a national level by government-led regulatory control, by consumer-led welfare economics and co-regulated control in a partnership between industry and government. In the latter case the control of research to support animal welfare...

  20. Animals and the Law: Property, Cruelty, Rights

    Contributor(s):: Tannenbaum, Jerrold