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  1. Jan 07 2016

    2016 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference & House of Delegates Winter Session

    The VLC offers a robust three days of networking and workshop opportunities designed with you in mind. Tracks for current and emerging leaders, and state and allied representatives, are offered....

  2. Jan 12 2017

    2017 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference & House of Delegates Winter Session

    The VLC offers three days of networking and workshop opportunities designed with you in mind. Tracks for current and emerging leaders, and state and allied representatives, are offered. This...

  3. Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources, Inc.

    Agape serves all kinds of individuals and groups including families with special needs, at-risk children and youth, and seniors. We have programs specifically designed for schools, churches, senior communities, veterans, and community centers. Experience something unlike anything before.Our...

  4. America's healthiest 100

  5. Clinical leadership in action: Lionel's story

    Contributor(s):: Cathcart, E. B.

  6. Consistency of animal order in spontaneous group movements allows the measurement of leadership in a group of grazing heifers

    Contributor(s):: Dumont, B., Boissy, A., Achard, C., Sibbald, A. M., Erhard, H. W.

    The term 'leadership' has been used in several different senses, resulting in very different ways of identifying leaders and apparently inconsistent conclusions on how leadership is determined in herbivores. We therefore propose the following definitions: (i) a leader is the individual that is...

  7. Developing coherent leadership in partnership with horses–a new approach to leadership training

    Contributor(s):: Gehrke, Ellen Kaye

  8. Dominance versus leadership in dog training

    Contributor(s):: Yin, S.

  9. Equine Assisted Therapy and Handicapped Riding of NJ

    Full-text: Available

    Equine Assisted Therapy and Handicapped Riding of NJ is a Non Profit 501 c3 Corporation. Our mission is to provide quality therapeutic services with the partnership of horses that impact the body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to promote positive changes and connections in individuals, families,...

  10. Evaluation of physical and behavioral traits of llamas associated with aggressiveness toward sheep-threatening canids

    | Contributor(s):: Cavalcanti, S. M. C., Knowlton, F. F.

    Aggressiveness of llamas (Lama glama) toward dogs was evaluated. Physical and behavioural traits were identified in individual llamas. 20 llamas were randomly assigned to one of 4 groups (5 animals per group). Focal group sampling techniques were used to rank individual llamas according to...

  11. Flocking for food or flockmates?

    | Contributor(s):: Asher, Lucy, Collins, Lisa M., Pfeiffer, Dirk U., Nicol, Christine J.

    Animals in groups behave cohesively, even when those animals are domesticated and are housed in limited environments. But how is such group cohesion maintained? Do animals move in an independent manner, according to their own motivations, or in a social manner, with respect to the movements of...

  12. Girls' Challenge Seeking: How Outdoor Exposure Can Support Girls in Taking Positive Risks

    | Contributor(s):: Kallen Tsikalas, Karyn L. Martin

  13. HALTER: Using Horsequest as a Training Tool

    | Contributor(s):: Bailey, Elaine Long, Waite, Karen, Wilson, Kristen M.

    Youth organizations, such as 4-H, need dedicated, knowledgeable adult volunteer leaders. Oftentimes, adults are intimidated to work with youth, either because of questionable understanding of youngsters or due to limited subject knowledge. This is particularly true with volunteers for youth horse...

  14. Her innovative projects to improve health of veterans, wounded warriors

    | Contributor(s):: Krause-Parello, C. A.

  15. Horses for courses: Exploring the limits of leadership development through equine-assisted learning

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Kelly, Simon

  16. International Animal Protection Society Leadership: The Right People for the Right Issues

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Michelle Sinclair, Clive J.C. Phillips

    As the increasing body of scientific information about the experiences of other species and their ability to suffer becomes available to those working within the field of animal welfare, the amount of potential issues to address also increases. Carefully choosing issues to address, and indeed...

  17. Is consensus-seeking unique to humans? A selective review of animal group decision-making and its implications for (human) social psychology

    | Contributor(s):: Kameda, Tatsuya, Wisdom, Thomas, Toyokawa, Wataru, Inukai, Keigo

  18. Leadership lessons my dog taught me | Cathi Napp | TEDxYouth@Thorndon

    | Contributor(s):: Cathi Napp

    Did you ever think that dog training could teach you something about leadership? Cathi has some of the key lessons that her dog, Griffin, taught her, that will help you reconsider why and how we lead people.Cathi Napp is passionate about dogs, people, and how the two interact. She's recently...

  19. Leadership linked to group composition in Highland cattle (Bos taurus): Implications for livestock management

    | Contributor(s):: Sueur, Cédric, Kuntz, Cédric, Debergue, Elise, Keller, Blandine, Robic, Florian, Siegwalt-Baudin, Flora, Richer, Camille, Ramos, Amandine, Pelé, Marie

    Animals kept for livestock or conservation form strong cohesive groups when foraging and moving, in the same way as their wild counterparts. Collective decision-making involves making compromises by consensus to maintain group cohesion and synchronisation. This type of consensus can be observed...

  20. Patricia Kaufman