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  1. Psychological and behavioral predictors of taking pet companions while traveling

    Contributor(s):: Hung, Kuang-peng, Chen, Annie Huiling, Peng, Norman

  2. Hunting inquiry

    Contributor(s):: Hughes-Ross, T. A.

  3. "Go outside and play"

  4. Animal-assisted therapy: its value in therapeutic recreation programming

    Contributor(s):: Gustafson, G. R., Dorenden, L. G.

    Facets are identified which make companion animals excellent recreation 'intervention aids' in improving the quality of life and leisure experiences of individuals with special needs. Various settings in which animals can be used by therapeutic recreation personnel are outlined. It was found that...

  5. Human peak experience triggered by encounters with cetaceans

    Contributor(s):: DeMares, R.

    Although wild animals are listed in the literature of the humanistic sciences as a known peak trigger, this phenomenon has not until now been formally explored. In investigating peak experience from the perspective of the human-animal connection, the present study focuses on spontaneous...

  6. The effect of swimming with dolphins on human well-being and anxiety

    Contributor(s):: Webb, N. L., Drummond, P. D.

    The present investigation aimed to explore the psychological effects for humans of swimming with dolphins as opposed to swimming in the ocean without dolphins. It was hypothesized that people swimming with dolphins would experience significantly greater levels of well-being and reduced levels of...