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  1. The protective association between pet ownership and depression among street-involved youth: a cross-sectional study

    Contributor(s):: Lem, M., Coe, J. B., Haley, D. B., Stone, E., O'Grady, W.

    Street-involved youth represent a particularly vulnerable subsection of the homeless population and are at increased risk of health problems, substance abuse, and depression. Qualitative research has demonstrated that animal companions help homeless youth cope with loneliness, are motivators for...

  2. Managing risk from bears and other potentially lethal wildlife: predictability, accountability, and liability

    Contributor(s):: Stringham, Stephen F.

  3. Protecting Pets

    Contributor(s):: Skarbnik, John H.

  4. Resisting Putting the Cat in the Bag: The Case Against Extending Minnesota's Dog Attack Strict Liability Statute to Cats

    Contributor(s):: Julianna Passe

    In the late summer of 2013, Gary Nelson, a television news reporter in Florida, was unexpectedly sidelined from his job after venturing into his driveway. Mr. Nelson sustained an injury that required multiple hospital visits, surgeries, and hours of physical therapy. The...

  5. Combatting the Exotic Species Invasion: The Role of Tort Liability

    Contributor(s):: Daniel P. Larsen

    Introduction Present-day island and continental ecosystems began evolving millions of years before the human species appeared. These ecosystems became distinct as they developed in isolation from one another, due to natural barriers between them. Within the last 150 years, however, technology has...

  6. Environmental duty of care: from ethical principle towards a code of practice for the grazing industry in Queensland (Australia)

    Contributor(s):: Greiner, R.

    Among the options of government for reducing negative environmental externalities from agriculture is the institution of a polluter statutory liability. An environmental duty of care imposes a statutory liability on agents who interact with the environment to avoid causing environmental harm....

  7. Teaching dog owners new tricks

    Contributor(s):: Shepherd, K.

  8. [Current value of the dog]

    Contributor(s):: Boissevain, I.

  9. Bird strikes and aircraft fuselage color: a correlational study

    Contributor(s):: Fernandez-Juricic, E., Gaffney, J., Blackwell, B. F., Baumhardt, P.

  10. Are laws prohibiting ownership of pit bull-type dogs legally enforceable?

    Contributor(s):: Wapner, M., Wilson, J. F.

  11. [Fighting dogs--dangerous dogs: legal situation in Bavaria]

    Contributor(s):: Breitsamer, F.

  12. [Taking responsibility]

  13. Current trends in animal law and their implications for the veterinary profession

    Contributor(s):: Lacroix, C. A.

  14. Do we decon dogs? Legal guidance on decontaminating animals

    Contributor(s):: Hall, S.

  15. Building Unified Therapy Dog Standards and Practices

    01 Aug 2012 | Posted by Ross E Blythe

    This article is a follow up to Therapy Dogs in the Legal System (article here). Scott Baggett attended the Florida Victim Advocacy Conference to meet with other therapy dog program leaders and...

  16. Therapy Dogs in the Legal System

    06 Jul 2012 | Posted by Ross E Blythe

    Everyone has had something happen in their life that they did not want to talk about. For some children who are victims of sexual abuse, they have an opportunity to testify, but in doing so...

  17. An ethicist's commentary on raising the economic value of companion animals

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, B. E.

  18. An ethicist's commentary on raising the legal status of animals

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, B. E.

  19. An ethicist's commentary on the case of the clients who believe a vaccine created problems for their animal

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, B. E.

  20. An ethicist's commentary on the mismanaged cesarean section

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, B. E.