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  1. "Nu kommer hunden!": Aktionsforskning om barn som läser för hundar med syfte att utveckla lässtunderna på svenska bibliotek

    Contributor(s):: Elina Garp

    This master´s thesis in Library and Information Science examines the experiences of children who read to a dog. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the interactions between the librarian, the readingdog-handler, the child-ren and the dogs and what the benefits from the interactions...

  2. "Paws for Reading" at the Memphis Public Library

    Contributor(s):: Seratt, Mary

  3. A Basket of Puppies ... Well, Almost [From the Editor]

    Contributor(s):: Borman, Laurie D.

  4. A librarian's guide to providing resources for pet owners

    Contributor(s):: Mayer, S. H.

  5. A Small Library with a Big Heart

    Contributor(s):: Emlen, Candy

  6. Alliance of Therapy Dogs

    Alliance of Therapy Dogs is a national organization with its corporate office located in Cheyenne, WY. ATD was incorporated in the year 1990. Currently we have 12,000+ handler/dog teams in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Territories. It is a goal of ATD to provide registration,...

  7. Angel Paws

    Angel Paws is a nonprofit organization of volunteers in Waco and Fort Worth, TX. We visit with people and organizations and we attend a number of local events throughout the year. Members own and train their dogs. Angel Paws teams consist of a handler and dog or other animal who have been trained...

  8. Angel Paws Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy

    Located in Newark, Ohio, Angel Paws is an organization that utilizes animal assisted therapy and activities for community improvement. Angel Paws' mission is to  work in partnership with select facilities to safely and effectively integrate the beneficial effects of the human/animal bond...

  9. Animal Angels Foundation

    Animal Angels Foundation is India’s only registered NGO working in the field of Human-Animal Interaction. We are a team of pets / pet owners, volunteers and mental health professionals who provide therapy through the medium of trained therapy animals. “For over 10 years, we have been...

  10. Animal-Assisted Interventions as a Learning Aid – A Literature Review

    Contributor(s):: Robyn Lawes

    Animal-assisted interventions (AAI) on learning and mental health is an evolving matter within psychology. In past history, such mediations have been held to ridicule by scholars who deemed animals to be insignificant within the field. Today, the American Humane Association postulates that the...

  11. Behavioral ecology of captive species: using bibliographic information to assess pet suitability of mammal species

    Contributor(s):: Koene, P., Mol, R. M. de, Ipema, B.

    Which mammal species are suitable to be kept as pet? For answering this question many factors have to be considered. Animals have many adaptations to their natural environment in which they have evolved that may cause adaptation problems and/or risks in captivity. Problems may be visible in...

  12. Beyond Therapy Dogs: Coordinating Large-Scale Finals Week Activities

    Contributor(s):: Flynn, Holly

  13. Books, Children, Dogs, Artists: Library Programs for the Entire Family

    Contributor(s):: Haver, Mary Katherine

  14. Borje At The Front Desk

    Contributor(s):: Syvala, Maria

  15. Börje, the reading dog in a blog near you

  16. Canine Comfort Pet Therapy

    Contributor(s):: Melanie Sadek

    The relationship between pets and people has immeasurable value on our emotional and physical health. Through Canine Comfort Pet Therapy, Valley Humane Society brings animals to places other pets can’t go, sharing the unconditional love that pets offer and creating opportunities for people...

  17. Canine Support Teams, Inc.

    Founded in 1989, by Carol Roquemore, Canine Support Teams provides service dogs to increase the ability of someone with disabilities to live independently while simultaneously providing loving companionship. Canine Support Teams is a non-profit organization, made possible by the many people who...

  18. Careing Paws

    CAREing Paws, Inc. is a local group of registered therapy teams in Georgia that conduct visits in places such as nursing homes, hospitals, libraries and schools. We are a network of compassionate individuals who are willing to share our special animals in order to bring joy and happiness to others.

  19. Caring Canine Therapy Dogs

    Caring Canines Therapy Dogs, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit  Therapy Dog organization founded in September 2003. Our purpose is to share the love and joy of our canine companions — trained and tested Therapy Dogs — with others. Our dogs come in all shapes and sizes, pure breed...

  20. Caring Hearts Pet Therapy

    Our "Caring Hearts" Pet Therapy program is an all volunteer, non-profit organization which involves the positive interaction of our registered therapy pets with adults & children with guidance from our experienced volunteer pet handlers. Our name truly reflects what our visits are...