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  1. Human/animal abuse

    Contributor(s):: Tiplady, C., Walsh, D., Baulch, M.

  2. Animal Facilitated Counseling in the Elementary School: A Literature Review and Practical Considerations

    Contributor(s):: Trivedi, Lucinda, Perl, James

  3. Bereavement in late adolescence: interventions on college campuses

    Contributor(s):: Floerchinger, Debra S.

  4. Distress among hospitalized pediatric cancer patients modified by pet-therapy intervention to improve quality of life

    Contributor(s):: Urbanski, B. L., Lazenby, M.

  5. Animal-assisted therapy for dementia: a review of the literature

    Contributor(s):: Filan, Susan L., Llewellyn-Jones, Robert H.

  6. Impact of companion animals in later life and considerations for practice

    Contributor(s):: Boldt, Margaret A., Dellmann-Jenkins, Mary

  7. New directions: challenges for human-animal bond research and the elderly

    Contributor(s):: Wilson, Cindy C., Netting, F. Ellen

  8. Nonpharmacological management of agitated behaviours associated with dementia

    Contributor(s):: Forbes, Dorothy A., Peacock, Shelley, Morgan, Debra

  9. Pet-facilitated therapies: a review of the literature and clinical intervention considerations

    Contributor(s):: Brickel, Clark M.

  10. Pets, attachment, and well-being across the life cycle

    Contributor(s):: Sable, Pat

  11. Brown treesnakes: a potential invasive species for the United States

    Contributor(s):: Kahl, S. S., Henke, S. E., Hall, M. A., Britton, D. K.

  12. Animal bites

    Contributor(s):: Patronek, Gary J., Slavinski, Sally A.

  13. Animal hoarding: Its roots and recognition

    Contributor(s):: Patronek, G. J.

  14. Animal sheltering in the United States: yesterday, today, and tomorrow

    Contributor(s):: Miller, L.

  15. Equine physiotherapy: a comparative view of the science underlying the profession

    Contributor(s):: McGowan, C. M., Stubbs, N. C., Jull, G. A.

  16. Helping owners handle aggressive cats

    Contributor(s):: Hunthausen, W. L.

  17. Human allergy to environmental pet danders: a public health perspective

    Contributor(s):: Morris, Daniel O.

  18. The future of teaching and research in companion animal biology in departments of animal sciences

    Contributor(s):: McNamara, J. P.

  19. The process of building a new governmental authority based on public demands for improved animal welfare

    Contributor(s):: Berg, C., Hammarstrcem, M.

  20. Pair-bond strength and stability and reproductive success

    Contributor(s):: Rasmussen, Dennis R.