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  1. The volatility of an alarm pheromone in male rats

    Contributor(s):: Inagaki, Hideaki, Nakamura, Kayo, Kiyokawa, Yasushi, Kikusui, Takefumi, Takeuchi, Yukari, Mori, Yuji

  2. Social dominance of female goats affects their response to the male effect

    Contributor(s):: Alvarez, L., Martin, G. B., Galindo, F., Zarco, L. A.

    The aim of this study was to assess the influence of social rank of anestrous goats on their interval to ovulation after exposure to males. Forty-five adult females were observed before and after the introduction of males to their pen. Behavioural sampling was used in both periods to record...

  3. 'Libido' in the larger farm animals: a review

    Contributor(s):: Wodzicka-Tomaszewska, M., Kilgour, R., Ryan, M.

    The term 'libido', first used by Freud to refer to the force by which the sexual instinct is represented in the mind, has become more and more used to refer to some aspects of sexual behaviour in large domestic animals. From being a wide, rather imprecise term, it has come to be defined in a...

  4. The effects of stress and parasites on the expression of dominance and secondary sexual characters

    Contributor(s):: Passanisi, W. C.

  5. Development of sexual behavior over several serving capacity tests in male goats

    Contributor(s):: Imwalle, D. B., Katz, L. S.

    Results from previous research suggest that male goats, cattle and swine do not require prior sexual experience as juveniles to exhibit their full potential in serving capacity tests as adults. Preliminary data in our laboratory indicate that juvenile goats exhibit profound separation stress from...