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  1. Preference for heights of feeding troughs in mares: a pilot study

    Contributor(s):: Luz, M. P. F., Maia, C. M., Arruda, L. A. S., Delagracia, M. F., Filho, Jnpp

  2. Ewes prefer subordinate rather than dominant rams as sexual partners

    Contributor(s):: Díaz, Arisvet, Orihuela, Agustín, Aguirre, Virginio, Clemente, Neftalí, Pedernera, Mariana, Flores-Pérez, Iván, Vázquez, Reyes, Ungerfeld, Rodolfo

  3. Social Behavior of a Reproducing Pair of the Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) in Captivity

    Contributor(s):: Wojciechowski, Filip J., Kaszycka, Katarzyna A., Řeháková, Milada

    Social interactions of the nocturnal primates are not well studied. One of the species for which social behavior is scarcely known is the Philippine tarsier (Tarsius [= Carlito] syrichta). We observed a reproducing pair of captive individuals over two mating seasons for two consecutive years. The...

  4. Sexual behaviour in sheep is driven by body condition and the related nutritional and metabolic status

    Contributor(s):: Alhamada, Moutaz, Debus, Nathalie, González-García, Eliel, Bocquier, François

    To evaluate the effects of nutrition on the sexual behaviour of ewes, forty-eight mature (7.6±1.9years old) Merino d’Arles ewes with an average initial body condition score (BCS=2.26±0.23) and similar body weight (BW=46.6±3.8kg) were fed three contrasting diets for three months. The diets...

  5. Opportunity for female mate choice improves reproductive outcomes in the conservation breeding program of the eastern barred bandicoot (Perameles gunnii)

    Contributor(s):: Hartnett, Christine M., Parrott, Marissa L., Mulder, Raoul A., Coulson, Graeme, Magrath, Michael J. L.

    Captive breeding is fundamental to recovery programs for many endangered species. Most programs seek to maximise retention of genetic variation and minimise inbreeding risk by assigning individuals to pre-determined pairings, but the reproductive outcomes of such pairings are often poor. There is...

  6. Early transfer of mated females into the maternity unit reduces stress and increases maternal care in farm mink

    Contributor(s):: Malmkvist, J., Palme, R.

    Mated mammals on farms are typically transferred to another housing environment prior to delivery. We investigated whether the timing of this transfer - EARLY (Day -36), INTERMEDIATE (Day -18), or LATE (Day -3) relative to the expected day of birth (Day 0) - affects maternal stress, maternal care...

  7. Guidance for puppy owners

    Contributor(s):: Hedges, S.

    The advantages of behavioural guidance from veterinary practice was discussed. Highlights focused on the behavioural management, care, and training of puppies.

  8. Effect of gestation management system on gilt and piglet performance

    Contributor(s):: Muns, R., Manzanilla, E. G., Manteca, X., Gasa, J.

    Individual gestation housing of pregnant sows in stalls from four weeks after mating is banned in the EU. Two experiments were conducted to study the effect of two gestation management and housing systems (STALL: gilts housed in stalls and PEN: gilts loose-housed in pens with increased feed...

  9. Effect of housing and husbandry practices on adrenocortical activity in captive Canada lynx ( Lynx canadensis)

    Contributor(s):: Fanson, K. V., Wielebnowski, N. C.

  10. Exploring sources of selection on the multimodal courtship displays of two sister species of wolf spiders: schizocosa crassipalpata and schizocosa bilineata

    Contributor(s):: Mitchel D. Bern, Eileen A. Hebets (adviser)

    We examined multiple sources of selection on the multimodal courtship display of two sister species of wolf spiders, Schizocosa crassipalpata and Schizocosa bilineata. We first experimentally altered body condition in these two species by employing divergent diet treatments. We then tested for...

  11. Does personality, delinquency, or mating effort necessarily dictate a preference for an aggressive dog?

    | Contributor(s):: Egan, V., MacKenzie, J.

    The current study investigated the relationship between dimensions of personality, self-reports of delinquency, mating effort, and the desire to own a dog perceived as aggressive. Seven common breeds of dog were rated by 235 participants living within the UK and North America, using an online...

  12. Effect of early fenceline exposure to estrous ewes on the sexual performance of yearling rams

    | Contributor(s):: Price, E. O., Borgwardt, R., Dally, M. R.

    A total of 104 rams, 7-8 months of age, were given either no contact (NC), direct contact (DC) or fenceline (FL) exposure to oestrous ewes during a 3-week period in the autumn breeding season. When initially tested for sexual performance at 18-19 months, a higher proportion of NC rams exhibited...

  13. Mating behavior of bucks and does in goat operations under range conditions

    | Contributor(s):: Mellado, M., Cardenas, C., Ruiz, F.

    The objectives of this study were to characterize the mating capacity of bucks under range condition and assess the effect of mating frequency on flock fertility. Two adjacent flocks of crossbred goats (Criollo x dairy goat breeds; n = 70 does, 5 bucks and 141 does, 4 bucks) were used. The mating...

  14. Yearling rams initially disinterested in estrous ewes subsequently exhibit subnormal sexual performance

    | Contributor(s):: Price, E. O., Orihuela, A., Parthasarathy, V., Borgwardt, R., Dally, M. R.

    Individual 30-min sexual performance (serving capacity) tests were administered to 73 Targhee rams at 18-19 months of age. 41 rams (56

  15. A note on genetic parameters of gilt responses to humans

    | Contributor(s):: Hellbrugge, B., Tolle, K. H., Presuhn, U., Krieter, J.

    In this study, a response test towards a stockperson was evaluated for improved maternal behaviour and increased piglet survival. Records were available from 638 German Landrace gilts with 860 observations tested for the response to an observer in the familiar environment of the mating centre....

  16. Influence of the pairing system on the behaviour of farmed red-legged partridge couples ( Alectoris rufa )

    | Contributor(s):: Alonso, M. E., Prieto, R., Gaudioso, V. R., Perez, J. A., Bartolome, D., Diez, C.

    Approximately four million red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa) are released in Spain each year for repopulation or hunting purposes, all produced on intensive farming facilities under a forced pairing system. We studied the ethological response differences between two types of red-legged...

  17. Male influence on proceptivity in ovariectomized French-Alpine goats ( Capra hircus )

    | Contributor(s):: Billings, H. J., Katz, L. S.

    Proceptivity is defined as female sexual behaviours that bring the male into closer proximity and maintain his proximity and sexual motivation for mating to occur. The effect of contact with a male on the display of proceptivity was investigated in 7 progesterone- and estradiol-treated...

  18. Social instability increases aggression in groups of dairy goats, but with minor consequences for the goats' growth, kid production and development

    | Contributor(s):: Andersen, I. L., Roussel, S., Ropstad, E., Braastad, B. O., Steinheim, G., Janczak, A. M., Jorgensen, G. M., Boe, K. E.

    The aim of the present study was to study the effects of social instability (regrouping) during the second trimester (7 weeks) of pregnancy on aggression, cortisol concentrations and growth in goats and its consequences for survival, growth and some aspects of behavioural development in the kids....

  19. Featured articles in this month's Animal Behaviour

    | Contributor(s):: Breed, Michael, Barrett, Louise

  20. The hereditary " fixing " of individually acquired behaviour of animals and the origin of instincts

    | Contributor(s):: Krusinskii, L. V.

    ELEVEN German Shepherd dogs [Alsatian] of different ages were trained (1) to bring objects to the trainer, (2) to bring them on a command, (3) to get an object and then bring it on a command, and (4) to go when commanded and bring an object without a command. The best performances of these 4...