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  1. A systematic literature review of animal-assisted interventions in oncology (part II): theoretical mechanisms and frameworks

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Holder, T. R. N., Gruen, M. E., Roberts, D. L., Somers, T., Bozkurt, A.

    Animal-assisted interventions (AAIs) can improve patients' quality of life as complementary medical treatments. Part I of this 2-paper systematic review focused on the methods and results of cancer-related AAIs; Part II discusses the theories of the field's investigators. Researchers...

  2. Social Development of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder During Dog-Assisted Therapy: A Detailed Observational Analysis

    | Contributor(s):: Wijker, C., Steen, S. V., Spek, A., Leontjevas, R., Enders-Slegers, M. J.

  3. Mechanisms of Change for Children Participating in Therapeutic Horse Riding: A Grounded Theory

    | Contributor(s):: Martin, R. A., Graham, F. P., Taylor, W. J., Levack, W. M. M.

  4. Down but not out: supine postures as facilitators of play in domestic dogs

    | Contributor(s):: Norman, K., Pellis, S., Barrett, L., Henzi, S. P.

    We used two sets of videotaped data of playing domestic dog dyads to determine whether rolling over during play served as a signal of submission or whether it was a combat maneuver adopted as part of an ongoing play sequence. Our results provide strong support for the latter. In the absence of...

  5. The technique of jumping a steeplechase fence by competing event-horses

    | Contributor(s):: Leach, D. H., Ormrod, K.

  6. Temporal characteristics of the fox trot, a symmetrical equine gait

    | Contributor(s):: Clayton, H. M., Bradbury, J. W.

    The temporal characteristics of the equine gait known as the fox trot are described. Results were obtained from cine films of three horses, with five strides being analysed for each horse. The fox trot was found to have a lateral sequence of limb placements: left hind, left front, right hind,...