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  1. Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program (NVTRP)

    Full-text: Available

    The Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program (NVTRP) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that helps each individual realize their highest potential by providing equine-assisted activities to people with disabilities, youth-at-risk, recovering military personnel, and others in need in an inclusive,...

  2. Preliminary efficacy of service dogs as a complementary treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder in military members and veterans

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: O'Haire, M. E., Rodriguez, K. E.

  3. Shamrock Reins

    Full-text: Available

    Shamrock Reins is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Charitable Organization formed February 10, 2014 to provide Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies for Veterans, Active Duty & Reserve Service Members, First Responders, their Families, and the Families of Fallen Heroes. Shamrock Reins is a Safe...

  4. Preliminary evidence is promising, but challenges remain in providing service dogs to veterans: Commentary on preliminary efficacy of service dogs as a complementary treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder in military members and veterans (O'Hair

    | Contributor(s):: Stumbo, S. P., Yarborough, B. J. H.

  5. Military Riding - Analysis of their missions, structures and resources

    | Contributor(s):: Joao Laureano

    The present Applied Research Paper is subordinated to the theme: "Military Riding - Analysis of its missions, structures and resources". The budgetary constraints of the OMDN-E and the inflection of the DCCRs available by the UEOE have led to a limitation of the conditions for the...

  6. The role of service dog training in the treatment of combat-related PTSD

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Yount, Rick, Cameron Ritchie, Elspeth, St. Laurent, Matthew, Chumley, Perry, Olmert, Meg Daley

    In response to the critical need for adjunctive treatments for soldiers with refractory forms of mental injury — primarily posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — the US military is developing complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) techniques, including animal-assisted...

  7. Combat operational stress control in Iraq and Afghanistan: army occupational therapy

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Smith-Forbes, Enrique, Najera, Cecilia, Hawkins, Donald

    One of the primary roles for U.S. Army Occupational Therapists (OTs) during combat operations is the Behavioral Health (BH) mission. Army OTs have been involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) providing BH treatment to service members, serving in Brigade...

  8. Treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder in military and veteran populations: initial assessment

    | Contributor(s):: Institute of Medicine Committee on the Assessment of Ongoing Efforts in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress, Disorder

  9. Dogs2DogTags

    We create an opportunity to save shelter dogs, train them, and place them with deserving service members who have been diagnosed with post-combat stress and anxiety. There is no out of pocket cost for the veteran to receive a trained dog, and they gain a constant companion to help them cope with...

  10. The effectiveness of an equine assisted mental health practice for military veterans with combat experience

    | Contributor(s):: Wallis, Kimberly

  11. Animals and Property: The Violation of Soldiers' Rights to Strays in Iraq

    | Contributor(s):: Pannella, DanaMarie

  12. From Pound to Prison … then Paradise

    | Contributor(s):: Smith, Mikelle D.

  13. Going to the Dogs

    | Contributor(s):: Miller, Peter R.

  14. Military families peeved over pet policies

    | Contributor(s):: Jowers, Karen

  15. A Real Win-Win: Saving Dogs and Saving Veterans: An Interview with Susan Hinkle

    12 Nov 2015 | Posted by Katie Carroll

    “I find it fascinating how a dog can change a person’s life,” said Susan Hinkle, Founder and Program Director of Missouri Patriot Paws. Missouri Patriot Paws Founder and Program...

  16. The Role of an Animal-Mascot in the Psychological Adjustment of Soldiers Exposed to Combat Stress

    | Contributor(s):: Trousselard, Marion, Jean, Aurelie, Beiger, François, Marchandot, Florent, Davoust, Bernard, Canini, Frédéric

  17. Service dogs in military medicine

    | Contributor(s):: Rothbaum, Barbara O.

  18. 'Scotty' departs for the wild blue yonder

    | Contributor(s):: Lee, Wally

  19. Dogs Of Destiny, Hounds From Hell: American Soldiers And Canines In The Mexican War

    | Contributor(s):: Murphy, Douglas A.

  20. Faithful friends

    | Contributor(s):: Abel, Ernest L.