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  1. Bregje Nijs

  2. Equine-assisted therapy for anxiety and posttraumatic stress symptoms

    Contributor(s):: Earles, Julie L., Vernon, Laura L., Yetz, Jeanne P.

  3. Effects of a brief mindfulness meditation intervention on student stress and heart rate variability

    Contributor(s):: Shearer, Annie, Hunt, Melissa, Chowdhury, Mifta, Nicol, Lorena

  4. From animal behavior to human health: An animal-assisted mindfulness intervention for recurrent depression

    Contributor(s):: Schramm, Elisabeth, Hediger, Karin, Lang, Undine E.

  5. "Mindfulness With Dogs": A Group Therapy Program for Adolescents with Behavioral Problems

    Contributor(s):: Aslanian, Abbey

  6. On Mindfulness and Our Relation to Animals

    Contributor(s):: Robert Epstein

    "Mindfulness" is a gentle form of selfconsciousness, a consciousness of self without judgments, condemnations. It is a benevolent, an enlightened form of self-awareness."Mindfulness" is a term applied to meditation. Indeed, meditation can be thought of as mindfulness; the...

  7. The Psychological and Physiological Effects of Using a Therapy Dog in Mindfulness Training

    Contributor(s):: Henry, Courtney L.

  8. May 06 2015

    Animal-Assisted Interventions: An Incredible Range of Therapeutic Benefits Seminar

    This informative and interactive seminar provides an array of animal-assisted interventions and clinical techniques that will greatly improve your client outcomes in a broad range of areas,...

  9. Grounded strategies that improve self-efficacy

    Contributor(s):: Looman, Mary, Trotter, Kay Sudekum

  10. Nurse presence enhanced through Equus

    Contributor(s):: Walsh, K. M., Blakeney, B. A.

  11. Self-schemas, goal orientations, sport confidence and mindfulness in amateur equestrians

    Contributor(s):: Diaz, Teresa Renee

  12. The therapeutic effects upon dog owners who interact with their dogs in a mindful way

    Contributor(s):: Jackson-Grossblat, Amy

  13. Anne-Elizabeth Straub

  14. The positive impact of mindful eating on expectations of food liking

    Contributor(s):: Hong, Phan Y., Lishner, David A., Han, Kim H., Huss, Elizabeth A.