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  1. [Therapeutic horseback riding in a psychiatric hospital]

    Contributor(s):: Kruger, G.

    1976ZFA (Stuttgart)52130-41433-6251 (Print)1433-6251gertext

  2. [Impact of therapeutic riding on gait and posture regulation]

    Contributor(s):: Schwesig, R., Neumann, S., Richter, D., Kauert, R., Becker, S., Esperer, H. D., Leuchte, S.

  3. Development of postural control in typically developing children and children with cerebral palsy: possibilities for intervention?

    Contributor(s):: de Graaf-Peters, V. B., Blauw-Hospers, C. H., Dirks, T., Bakker, H., Bos, A. F., Hadders-Algra, M.