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  1. Prehistoric dogs from Klamath Indian Reservation

    Contributor(s):: Haag, William George, Cressman, L.S.

  2. Horse in American Indian culture

    Contributor(s):: Alexander, Hartley Burr, Brand, Donald D., Harvey, Fred E.

  3. Human Perceptions of Animals and Animal Awareness: The Cultural Dimension

    Contributor(s):: E. A. Lawrence

    Culture is generally a powerful determinant of human perceptions of animals and the treatment animals receive in a given society. Fbr example, Plains Indians' views of the status of animals-their capacities, their awareness, and their place in the world relative to mankind-differ radically...

  4. Animal tales, historic dispossession, and Creole identity in the French West Indies

    Contributor(s):: Arnold, A. James

  5. The trickster as triptych

    Contributor(s):: Dramé, Kandioura

  6. Animal souls, co-essences, and human destiny in Mesoamerica

    Contributor(s):: Gossen, Gary H.

  7. Coyote, the thinking (wo)man's trickster

    Contributor(s):: Hymes, Dell H.

  8. Lushootseed animal people: mediation and transformation from myth to history

    Contributor(s):: Miller, Jay, Hilbert, Vi

  9. Who is the mightiest of them all? Jaguar and conquistador in Piaroa images of alterity and identity

    Contributor(s):: Overing, Joanna

  10. Enemies of God: monsters and the theology of conquest

    Contributor(s):: Palencia-Roth, Michael

  11. From ancestral to Creole: humans and animals in a West Indian scale of values

    Contributor(s):: Poynting, Jeremy

  12. Animal images in Caribbean Hindu mythology

    Contributor(s):: Samaroo, Brinsley

  13. Breaking the spell: accounts of Encantados by descendants of runaway slaves

    Contributor(s):: Slater, Candace

  14. Afterword: animals, elemental tales, and the theater

    Contributor(s):: Walcott, Derek