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  1. Cosmology, ethics and the 'biocentric Indian'

    Contributor(s):: Hornborg, Anne-Christine

  2. Domestication animale en Amérique du sud: le point des connaissances

    Contributor(s):: Lavallée, Danièle

  3. Driving bison and Blackfoot science

    Contributor(s):: Barsh, Russel Lawrence, Marlor, Chantelle

  4. Fine horses; pride of the Crows

    Contributor(s):: Yellowtail, Robert

  5. Great Cave of the Bear, and bears in Pawnee cosmology

    Contributor(s):: Welch, David

  6. Indios, blancos y perros

    Contributor(s):: Villar, Diego

  7. Mythification et la marchandise dans le nord Canadien: la répresentation télévisée du pouvoir (note de recherche)

    Contributor(s):: Lanoue, Guy

  8. Navajo scarecrows: standing up dark

    Contributor(s):: Hunter Warren, Nancy

  9. Nez Perce horse castration--a problem in diffusion

    Contributor(s):: Osborne, H. Douglas

  10. Owls: images and voices in the Ojibwa and Midewiwin worlds

    Contributor(s):: Pomedli, Michael M.

  11. Salmon and the adaptive capacity of Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) culture to cope with change

    Contributor(s):: Colombi, Benedict J.

  12. Searching for the Pawnee's 'Stone-Man' medicine lodge

    Contributor(s):: O'Brien, Patricia J.

  13. Spirit and practical knowledge in the person of the bear among Wemindji Cree hunters

    Contributor(s):: Scott, Colin

  14. The flesh and the word : stories and other gifts of the animals in Chipewyan cosmology

    Contributor(s):: Smith, David M.

  15. The horse and the dog in Hidatsa culture

    Contributor(s):: Wilson, Gilbert Livingstone

  16. The relationship between the indigenous people of North America and the animals and environment

    Contributor(s):: Guarnieri, L.

  17. Wabusk of the Omushkegouk : Cree-polar bear (Ursus, maritimus) interactions in northern Ontario

    Contributor(s):: Lemelin, Raynald Harvey

  18. Worldviews and human-animal relations critical perspectives on bison-human relations among the Euro-Canadians and Blackfoot

    Contributor(s):: Oetelaar, Gerald A.

  19. Horse in American Indian culture

    Contributor(s):: Alexander, Hartley Burr, Brand, Donald D., Harvey, Fred E.

  20. Prehistoric dogs from Klamath Indian Reservation

    Contributor(s):: Haag, William George, Cressman, L.S.