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  1. Landuse practices interface:Human-Wildlife conflict in Lupande game management area

    Contributor(s):: Peter Ngoma

    Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) has become a serious threat to the survival of many endangered species in the world. The sighted examples from different countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar, Namibia, China and Peru demonstrate the severity of the conflict and suggest that greater in depth...

  2. Does Gender Matter? Human Elephant Conflict in Sri Lanka: A Gendered Analysis of Human Elephant Conflict and Natural Resource Management in a Rural Sri Lankan Village

    Contributor(s):: Katherine Eileen Griffin

    This study is a gendered analysis of natural resource management at the local scale of a poor rural Sri Lankan village in a conservation buffer zone. This village experiences destruction of forests and human elephant conflict. The objective of this study is to gain an in-depth knowledge of...

  3. Shifting focus: redefining the goals of sea turtle consumption and protection in Bali

    Contributor(s):: Audrey Jensen, Windia Adnyana (adviser)

    Many would say that the environment and human culture consists of an evolutionary process, complete with necessary adaptations to current situations and the availability of resources. However, religion is usually thought to be a constant, an entity that grounds the individual believer in a...