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  1. Animal Metropolis: Histories of Human-Animal Relations in Urban Canada

    Contributor(s):: Joanna Dean, Darcy Ingram, Christabelle Sethna

    Animal Metropolis brings a Canadian perspective to the growing field of animal history, ranging across species and cities, from the beavers who engineered Stanley Park to the carthorses who shaped the city of Montreal. Some essays consider animals as spectacle: orca captivity in Vancouver, polar...

  2. Animal pets : a study in character and nature

    Contributor(s):: Cady, Berth Louise Chapman

  3. Animal pragmatism: rethinking human-nonhuman relationships

    Contributor(s):: McKenna, Erin, Light, Andrew

  4. Animal pragmatism: rethinking human-nonhuman relationships

    Contributor(s):: McKenna, Erin, Light, Andrew

  5. Animal subjects an ethical reader in a posthuman world

    Contributor(s):: Castricano, Carla Jodey

  6. Birthright

    Contributor(s):: Kellert, Stephen R

  7. Birthright : people and nature in the modern world

    Contributor(s):: Kellert, Stephen R.

  8. Cosmodolphins : feminist cultural studies of technology, animals, and the sacred

    Contributor(s):: Bryld, Mette, Lykke, Nina

  9. Hunting the wren : transformation of bird to symbol : a study in human-animal relationships

    Contributor(s):: Lawrence, Elizabeth Atwood

  10. The boundless circle : caring for creatures and creation

    Contributor(s):: Fox, Michael W.

  11. The new Eden : for people, animals & nature

    Contributor(s):: Fox, Michael W.

  12. The ten trusts : what we must do to care for the animals we love

    Contributor(s):: Goodall, Jane, Bekoff, Marc

  13. Wild Neighbors : The Humane Approach to Living with Wildlife

    Contributor(s):: John Hadidian

    Wild Neighbors provides practical, humane, and effective advice on how to share living space with 35 of the most common species, from alligators to woodpeckers, found in the lower 48 states. Advice focuses on how to: properly and accurately define a wildlife problem; determine what type of animal...

  14. Your Brain on Nature

    Contributor(s):: Selhub, Eva M, Logan, Alan C