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  1. Social contact in horses: implications for human-horse interactions

    Contributor(s):: M.C. VanDierendonck, D. Goodwin

    The ancestors of the domestic horse were important prey species for many predators, including humans. Equids possess few physical defence mechanisms, relying on survival strategies centred on the formation of cohesive social bonds within stable groups. Mutual grooming is common between these...

  2. The Impact of Animals and Nature for Children and Youth with Trauma Histories A Neurodevelopmental Theory

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Eileen Bona, Gail Courtenage

  3. Affective, cognitive, and evaluative perceptions of animals

    Contributor(s):: Kellert, SR, Altman, I., Wohlwill, J. F.

  4. Tiger restoration in Asia: Ecological theory vs. sociological reality

    Contributor(s):: Ronald Tilson, Philip J. Nyhus, Neil Franklin

  5. The Mouse in the Cat's Claws: A Framework for a Hermeneutics of Nature

    Contributor(s):: Kockelkoren, Petran

  6. Animals in therapeutic education: guides into the liminal state

    Contributor(s):: Katcher, A., Kahn, P. H., Kellert, S. R., Kahn, Peter H., Kellert, Stephen R.

  7. Bearing the costs of human-wildlife conflict: The challenges of compensation schemes

    Contributor(s):: Philip J. Nyhus, Steve A. Osofsky, Paul Ferraro, H. Fischer, Francine Madden, Rosie Woodroffe (editor), Simon Thirgood (editor), Alan Rabinowitz (editor)

  8. Our Duties to Endangered Species

    Contributor(s):: Holmes Rolston III

    Few persons doubt that we have obligations concerning endangered species, because persons are helped or hurt by the condition of their environment, which includes a wealth of wild species, currently under alarming threat of extinction. Whether humans have duties directly to endangered species is...

  9. Urban animal adaptation: killing with kindness

    Contributor(s):: Beck, A. M.

  10. The European age of reason--(Continued). The union of science and industry

    Contributor(s):: Draper, John William

  11. Animals as scientific objects

  12. Toward a wider lens: Prejudice and the natural world

    Contributor(s):: Jackson, Lynne M.