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  1. Animal-assisted psychotherapy for developmental trauma through the lens of interpersonal neurobiology of trauma: Creating connection with self and others

    Contributor(s):: Parish-Plass, Nancy

  2. Effects of Simulated Horseback Riding on Balance, Postural Sway, and Quality of Life in Older Adults With Parkinson's Disease

    Contributor(s):: Goudy, L. S., Rigby, B. R., Silliman-French, L., Becker, K. A.

  3. Effects of animal-assisted therapy on social behaviour in patients with acquired brain injury: a randomised controlled trial

    Contributor(s):: Hediger, K., Thommen, S., Wagner, C., Gaab, J., Hund-Georgiadis, M.

  4. Meaningful activity in advanced dementia

    Contributor(s):: Brown, M., Mitchell, B., Boyd, A., Tolson, D.

  5. [Orthopedic hippotherapy in postoperative rehabilitation of lumbar intervertebral disk patients. A prospective, randomized therapy study]

    Contributor(s):: Rothhaupt, D., Laser, T., Ziegler, H., Liebig, K.

  6. Testing olfactory function and mapping the structural olfactory networks in the brain

    Contributor(s):: Fjaeldstad, A.

  7. Assistive Technology and Dolphin Therapy: A Wonderful Combination

    Contributor(s):: Smith, Eli, Thomasson, Gretchen

  8. Dolphins, dogs, and robot seals for the treatment of neurological disease

    Contributor(s):: Burton, Adrian

  9. Kinematic gait analysis of children with neurological impairments pre and post hippotherapy intervention

    Contributor(s):: Encheff, Jenna L.

  10. Effect of therapeutic horseback riding on balance in community-dwelling older adults with balance deficits

    Contributor(s):: Homnick, D. N., Henning, K. M., Swain, C. V., Homnick, T. D.

  11. Auswirkungen der Reittherapie auf die psychische Befindlichkeit von Patienten mit neurologischen Erkrankungen [Effects of hippotherapy on the psychological state of patients in neurological rehabilitation]

    Contributor(s):: Schmidt, Julia, Gomolla, Annette

  12. Horse Power for Ability

    We provide a specialist physiotherapy service in Northumberland which uses the movement of horses to help people with movement disorders enhance their movement experience and movement ability. Hippotherapy (from Greek hippos = horse) is a specialist physiotherapy intervention that makes use of...

  13. Wilderwood Service Dogs

    Wilderwood specializes in neurological disorders. Wilderwood has the medical staff and trainers who are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of brain disorders and are able to train service dogs with exacting skills for such diagnosis.

  14. Animal models and human neuropsychiatric disorders

    | Contributor(s):: Fisch, Gene S.

  15. Animals in science: Some areas revisited

    | Contributor(s):: Bekoff, Marc, Gruen, Lori, Townsend, Susan E., Rollin, Bernard E.