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  1. [A historical perspective of human-animal interaction as a field of study]

    Contributor(s):: Odendaal, J. S.

  2. Face-fly pest intensity, fly-avoidance behavior (bunching) and grazing time in Holstein heifers

    Contributor(s):: Schmidtmann, E. T., Valla, M. E.

    In field studies in New York State in 1978-79, the relationship between feeding by adults of Musca autumnalis Deg., and fly-avoidance behaviour (bunching) and grazing time of heifers was examined in herds that were either exposed to the ambient pest intensity levels or treated with permethrin...

  3. The interdependence of humans and free-ranging cats in Brooklyn, New York

    Contributor(s):: Haspel, C., Calhoon, R. E.

    Based on the responses of 177 participants in a survey conducted in Brooklyn, New York, it was ascertained that 22.0% of the respondents fed free-ranging cats (2.8% daily and 19.2% occasionally). The food provided by feeders alone was estimated to support 1.71 to 2.10 cats per acre (4.2 to 5.2...