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  1. Animal Ecologies: Laurie Spiegel's musical explorations of urban wildlife

    Contributor(s):: Feisst, Sabine

  2. Up On The Roof: Pigeon Flyers And City Skies

    Contributor(s):: Schwartz, Jane

  3. Horses Of The Hamptons

    Contributor(s):: Rattray, Jeannette Edwards

  4. Using emergency department data to conduct dog and animal bite surveillance in New York City, 2003-2006

    Contributor(s):: Bregman, B., Slavinski, S.

  5. Horsin' Around

    Contributor(s):: Pianoforte, Kerry

  6. Grab Those Reins: Sometimes, Four Legs Are Better Than Two!

    Contributor(s):: Shalo, Sibyl

  7. The New York City Puerto Rican asthma project: study design, methods, and baseline results

    Contributor(s):: Acosta, L. M., Acevedo-Garcia, D., Perzanowski, M. S., Mellins, R., Rosenfeld, L., Cortes, D., Gelman, A., Fagan, J. K., Bracero, L. A., Correa, J. C., Reardon, A. M., Chew, G. L.

  8. The Animal Preference Test and its relationship to behavioral problems in young children

    Contributor(s):: Rojas, E. B., Tuber, S.

  9. Multiple ownership of animals in New York City

    Contributor(s):: Worth, D., Beck, A. M.

  10. Pet therapy with terminal cancer patients

    Contributor(s):: Muschel, I. J.