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  1. Approach bias modification in inpatient psychiatric smokers

    Contributor(s):: Machulska, Alla, Zlomuzica, Armin, Rinck, Mike, Assion, Hans-Jörg, Margraf, Jürgen

  2. The dog as a passive smoker: Effects of exposure to environmental cigarette smoke on domestic dogs

    Contributor(s):: Roza, Marcello Rodrigues, Viegas, Carlos Alberto Assis

  3. Pregnancy in goats does not influence intake of novel or familiar foods with or without toxins

    Contributor(s):: Knubel, B. F. R., Panter, K. E., Provenza, F. D.

    Some hypothesize that mammals decrease intake of foods that contain toxins during pregnancy to protect the fetus. We conducted a longitudinal study of feeding behavior to determine if pregnancy-related changes in food selection and intake occurred in goats. Goats eat modest amounts of toxic...

  4. Strength and persistence of conditioned taste aversion in rats: evaluation of 11 potential compounds

    Contributor(s):: Massei, G., Cowan, D. P.

    Conditioned taste aversion (CTA) occurs when animals associate the taste of a food with illness and subsequently avoid that food. CTA can be experimentally induced by adding an undetectable, illness-inducing chemical to food. The use of CTA has been suggested as a humane, non-lethal method for...