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  1. Influence of egg oiling on colony presence of ring-billed gulls

    Contributor(s):: DeVault, Travis L., Schmidt, Paige M., Pogmore, Fred E., Gobeille, John, Belant, Jerrold L., Seamans, Thomas W.

  2. Oil and gas impacts on Wyoming's sage-grouse: summarizing the past and predicting the foreseeable future

    Contributor(s):: Applegate, David H., Owens, Nicholas L.

  3. Dietary fatty acid composition significantly influenced the proactive-reactive behaviour of Senegalese sole ( Solea senegalensis) post-larvae

    Contributor(s):: Ibarra-Zatarain, Z., Morais, S., Bonacic, K., Campoverde, C., Duncan, N.

    Few studies have examined the influence of diet on larval proactive-reactive behavioural dimension of stress coping style responses. The present study evaluated the influence of using different vegetables oils (Linseed; Soybean; Olive) and fish oil (Cod liver) for Artemia metanauplii nutritional...

  4. Endangered Species in the Oil Patch: Challenges and Opportunities for the Oil and Gas Industry

    Contributor(s):: Gabriel Eckstein, Jesse Snyder

    Tension among competing interests is nothing new in environmental law. Even among the most tenacious adversaries, the ability to find common ground can serve as an impetus to further the aims of both industry and environmental proponents. Broadly speaking, advocates of the oil...

  5. Dyan deNapoli: The great penguin rescue

    | Contributor(s):: Dyan deNapoli

    A personal story, a collective triumph: Dyan deNapoli tells the story of the world's largest volunteer animal rescue, which saved more than 40,000 penguins after an oil spill off the coast of South Africa. How does a job this big get done? Penguin by penguin by penguin ...

  6. Effect of early dietary experiences on the development of feeding preferences in semi-intensive sheep farming systems - a brief note

    | Contributor(s):: Simitzis, P. E., Bizelis, J. A., Deligeorgis, S. G., Feggeros, K.

    The crucial role of the periweaning period in the development of lamb feeding preferences was examined in the present study. Twenty-four female lambs were fed with a commercial diet, supplemented with oregano essential oil (1 ml/kg) between the 15th and 55th day of their life, in the absence of...

  7. Acceptance of fat and lecithin containing diets by horses

    | Contributor(s):: Holland, J. L., Kronfeld, D. S., Rich, G. A., Kline, K. A., Fontenot, J. P., Meacham, T. N., Harris, P. A.

    The acceptability of various fat sources was compared in horses using maize oil as a standard. In 3 trials, 10 fat-containing concentrates were fed to horses in cafeteria-style preference trials and ranked from highest to lowest as follows: maize oil, blend no. 3, hydrolysed tallow, peanut oil,...

  8. Fostering in sheep. V. Use of unguents to foster an additional lamb onto a ewe with a single lamb

    | Contributor(s):: Alexander, G., Stevens, D., Bradley, L. R.

    This paper reports 2 studies in which lambs were liberally coated with oily materials (unguents) in an effort to induce ewes to accept alien lambs. In both studies, ewes were left with their own treated lambs for 22 h, and those that rejected a similarly treated alien lamb at this stage were left...

  9. The effect of essential oils showing acaricidal activity against the poultry red mite ( Dermanyssus gallinae ) on aspects of welfare and production of laying hens

    | Contributor(s):: George, Sparagano, O. A. E., Port, G., Okello, E., Shiel, R. S., Guy, J. H.

    The poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) causes severe welfare concerns for laying hens arising from anaemia and disease transmission, and has been identified as an associated risk factor in cannibalistic feather pecking. Previous work suggests that essential oils may offer an alternative to...