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  1. Opinions expressed by cattle breeders on human-animal relations and the conditions in which animals are kept

    Contributor(s):: Sitkowska, B., Piwczynski, D., Kowaliszyn, B., Mrowinski, M.

  2. State legislators' roll-call votes on farm animal protection bills: the agricultural connection

    Contributor(s):: Tauber, S.

  3. The neoteny barrier: seeking respect for the non-cute

    Contributor(s):: Estren, M. J.

    A foundational human attraction to mammalian neoteny may be crucial for preservation of our own species, but it can be counterproductive in relationships between humans and other animals. The deeply rooted human psychological attraction to and preference for anthropomorphically viewed neotenic...

  4. A simple value-distinction approach aids transparency in farm animal welfare debate. (Animals and their welfare)

    Contributor(s):: Greef, K. de, Stafleu, F., Lauwere, C. de

    Public debate on acceptable farm animal husbandry suffers from a confusion of tongues. To clarify positions of various stakeholder groups in their joint search for acceptable solutions, the concept of animal welfare was split up into three notions: no suffering, respect for intrinsic value, and...

  5. Assessment of GM crops in commercial agriculture

    Contributor(s):: Clark, E. A., Lehman, H.

    The calibre of the recent discourse regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has suffered from a lack of consensus on terminology, from the scarcity of evidence upon which to assess risk to health and to the environment, and from value differences between proponents and opponents of GMOs....

  6. The concept of farm animal welfare: citizen perceptions and stakeholder opinion in Flanders, Belgium

    Contributor(s):: Vanhonacker, F., Verbeke, W., Poucke, E. van, Pieniak, Z., Nijs, G., Tuyttens, F.

    Several attempts to conceptualize farm animal welfare have been criticized for diverging reasons, among them often the failure to incorporate the public concern and opinion. This paper's objective is to develop a conception of farm animal welfare that starts from the public's perception and...

  7. Perceptions of veterinarians in relation to feline possession in Buenos Aires city, Argentina

    Contributor(s):: Degregorio J, O., Sommerfelt E, I.

    The objective of the present study was to determine the perceptions of veterinarians in relation to motivations, attitudes, and behaviour of people that owns or does not owns felines. Veterinarians (n=62) from Buenos Aires city, Argentina, working in the clinic and surgery of pets were surveyed....

  8. Professional and veterinary competencies: addressing human relations and the human-animal bond in veterinary medicine

    Contributor(s):: Adams, C. L., Conlon, P. D., Long, K. C.

    Purpose - The purpose of this study was to determine the nature and degree of coverage of human relations and the human-animal bond in veterinary curricula across North America. The attitudes and opinions of a cohort of veterinary students and alumni about human relations skills and human-animal...

  9. A survey of dog populations in urban and rural areas of Yucatan, Mexico

    Contributor(s):: Ortega-Pacheco, A., Rodriguez-Buenfil, J. C., Bolio-Gonzalez, M. E., Sauri-Arceo, C. H., Jimenez-Coello, M., Forsberg, C. L.

    A survey in a major Mexican city (Merida) and three rural communities was conducted to generate information regarding the size and structure of the owned-dog populations and people's opinions about the dogs and how they took care of them. Household characteristics and dog population size, health...

  10. Animal-based measures for the assessment of welfare state of dairy cattle, pigs and laying hens: consensus of expert opinion

    Contributor(s):: Whay, H. R., Main, D. C. J., Green, L. E., Webster, A. J. F.

    A Delphi technique was used to gather the opinions of animal welfare experts on the most appropriate measures for welfare assessment of farm animals. The experts were asked to consider measures that were directed towards the animal (animal-based), rather than measurement of their environment....

  11. Preliminary investigation into the use of expert opinion to compare the overall welfare of dairy cattle farms in different farm assurance schemes

    Contributor(s):: Main, D. C. J., Whay, H. R., Green, L. E., Webster, A. J. F.

    This paper describes an approach to assessing the overall welfare of cows on dairy farms. Veterinary and behaviour experts were shown results for ten selected welfare parameters for 25 pairs of dairy farms paired for farm assurance status but with similar geographical location and husbandry...

  12. Animal rights and human responsibility

    Contributor(s):: Bauston, G.