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  1. Animal-Assisted Activities: Results From a Survey of Top-Ranked Pediatric Oncology Hospitals

    Contributor(s):: Chubak, J., Hawkes, R.

  2. A qualitative study of animal assisted therapy with male probationers mandated to outpatient substance abuse group treatment

    Contributor(s):: Gomez, Elena Noella

    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of animal assisted therapy (AAT) on the process of therapeutic change with an adult male probationer substance abuse population in group therapy. Research has indicated that AAT is a useful intervention across a wide range of demographics....

  3. Effects of hippotherapy on postural stability in cerebral palsy: report of a case

    Contributor(s):: Fernández-Gutiérrez, C., Apolo-Arenas, M. D., Martínez-García, Y., Caña-Pino, A.

  4. Children's TherAplay

    The Children's TherAplay Foundation is a not-for-profit pediatric outpatient clinic just north of Indianapolis that serves children with special needs. But that’s only the beginning of the story.Children’s TherAplay is one of the few clinics in the country dedicated to providing...

  5. PulseBeats

  6. Kinematic analysis of sit to stand by persons with rheumatoid arthritis supported by a service dog

    Contributor(s):: Noguchi, Hiromi, Hoshiyama, Minoru, Tagawa, Yoshikatsu

    Purpose. The objective of this study was to quantify the kinesiological effect of the assistance provided by service dogs on transferring from sit to stand in persons with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Methods.Twenty-four participants performed a total of eight experimental transfers of sit to...

  7. Animalā€assisted therapy at an outpatient pain management clinic

    Contributor(s):: Marcus, Dawn A., Bernstein, Cheryl D., Constantin, Janet M., Kunkel, Frank A., Breuer, Paula, Hanlon, Raymond B.

  8. Pet-facilitated therapy in an outpatient setting

    Contributor(s):: Kelly, Theresa Ann

  9. Pet ownership predicts adherence to cardiovascular rehabilitation

    Contributor(s):: Herrald, Mary M., Tomaka, Joe, Medina, Amanda Y.

  10. About Cats and Dogs ... Reconsidering the Relationship Between Pet Ownership and Health Related Outcomes in Community-Dwelling Elderly

    Contributor(s):: Rijken, Mieke, Beek, Sandra

  11. Randomised controlled trial of animal facilitated therapy with dolphins in the treatment of depression

    Contributor(s):: Antonioli, C., Reveley, M. A.

  12. About cats and dogs... Reconsidering the relationship between pet ownership and health related outcomes in community-dwelling elderly

    Contributor(s):: Rijken, Mieke, Beek, Sandra

    Having a pet has been claimed to have beneficial health effects, but methodologically sound empirical studies are scarce. Small sample sizes and a lack of information about the specific type of pets involved make it difficult to draw unambiguous conclusions. We aimed to shed light...

  13. Ems reruns. Pet peeves: what do you do with a mutt?

    Contributor(s):: Dick, T.

  14. Lifelines. The cries of a mourning dog

    Contributor(s):: Schoen, S. T.

  15. Donkey-assisted rehabilitation program for children: a pilot study

    Contributor(s):: De Rose, P., Cannas, E., Reinger Cantiello, P.

  16. Rehabilitation: animal magic

    Contributor(s):: O'Byrne, J.