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  1. Serpent's tale in the Hittite world

    Contributor(s):: Mazoyer, Michel

  2. Symptomatology of Ophidian bites according to Brooklyn Papyrus no. 47.218.48-85: epistemological aspects of an ancient Egyptian text copied out at IVth century B.C.E

    Contributor(s):: Aufrere, Sydney H.

  3. The bearded snake: realities, beliefs and representations. The example of Athenian Zeus Meilichios

    Contributor(s):: Gourmelen, Laurent

  4. The beaver Castor fiber Linnaeus, 1758 in France. Archaeozoological study

    Contributor(s):: Duval, Jessie, Callou, Cecile, Horard-Herbin, Marie-Pierre

  5. The cult of the lion in Egypt after Aelian

    Contributor(s):: Mougin, Melanie

  6. The lion of Bubasteion to Saqqara (Egypt).An uncommon mummy among mummies of cats

    Contributor(s):: Callou, Cecile, Lichtenberg, Roger, Hennet, Philippe, Samzun, Anaick, Zivie, Alain

  7. The lion-headed snake Chnoubis and Roman imperial magic

    Contributor(s):: Dasen, Veronique, Nagy, Arpad M.

  8. The Onocentaur: A comparative study in mythology

    Contributor(s):: Chastelain, Bertrand

  9. "Economic crash " during the Neolithic at the Pfyn-Horgen transition (3400 BC): contribution of the paleoparasitology

    Contributor(s):: Le Bailly, Matthleu, Leuzinger, Urs, Schlichtherle, Helmut, Bouchiet, Francoise

  10. "My salt in your belly" Agreement, binding and identity by meat consumption in South Western Morocco

    Contributor(s):: Gelard, Marie-Luce

  11. A Mesolithic aurochs kill site (La Montagnes, Senas, bouches-du-Rhone)

    Contributor(s):: Helmer, Daniel, Monchot, Herve

  12. An Enannatum's inscription over brick: a new look over lions gardians of Mesopotamian doors

    Contributor(s):: Battini, Laura

  13. Animal respresentations in linear rock art in the eastern Pyrenee: from the second Iron Age to the Middle Ages

    Contributor(s):: Campmajo, Pierre

  14. Animals and Neolithic schematic art in southern France: Between the real and the ideal

    Contributor(s):: Hameau, Philippe

  15. Assali-n-Trakfine: the large engraved flagstone of Youf Eheket (wadi Ti-n-Tarabine, Tassili wa-n-Ahaggar, Algeria)

    Contributor(s):: Amara, Iddir

  16. Aurochs and potential cross-breeding with domestic cattle in Central Europe in the Eneolithic period; A metric analysis of bones from the archaeological site of Kutna Hora-Denemark (Czech Republic) (vol 43, pg 7, 2008)

    Contributor(s):: Kysely, R.

  17. Building memories: commemorative deposits at Catalhoyuk

    Contributor(s):: Russell, Nerissa, Martin, Louise, Twiss, Katheryn C.

  18. Chicken Husbandry in Late-Medieval Eastern England: c. 1250-1400

    Contributor(s):: Slavin, Philip

  19. French horse in pieces Status of the animal, status of its meat

    Contributor(s):: Lizet, Bernadette

  20. Hallan Cemi Tepesi: High-ranked Game Exploitation alongside Intensive Seed Processing at the Epipaleolithic-Neolithic Transition in Southeastern Turkey

    Contributor(s):: Starkovich, Britt M., Stiner, Mary C.