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  1. FosterFit

    Participants are assigned a foster dog partner who is with them every step of the way. During the course of the program, participants and their foster dogs work together to achieve health-oriented goals.Foster dogs are matched with participants at the start of the program, and they share a home...

  2. 4-H PetPALS Juvenile Diversion Program Supports At-Risk Youth and Seniors

    Contributor(s):: Goble, Connie L., Miller, Lucinda B.

    The 4-H PetPALS Juvenile Diversion Program provides a partnership opportunity with Extension and the juvenile court system to positively impact lives of at-risk youth. At-risk youth are taught by 4-H PetPALS adult volunteer leaders and 4-H PetPALS members to value and respect the human-animal...

  3. Take a Paws: Fostering Student Wellness with a Therapy Dog Program at Your University Library

    Contributor(s):: Lannon, Amber, Pamela Harrison

    Therapy dogs are trained and socialized to provide comfort to individuals who are ill or experiencing stress. The following article explores therapy dog outreach programs in academic libraries by describing a successful venture at McGill University Library. Background, planning advice, assessment...

  4. Summit Assistance Dogs

    Summit Assistance Dogs is a fully accredited 501(c)(3) organization that creates life-changing partnerships by providing highly-skilled mobility, hearing and therapy dogs for people living with disabilities, giving them increased independence and renewed confidence.Through innovative partnerships...

  5. Strengthening partnerships for effective wildlife rescue in the Panama Canal expansion area

    Contributor(s):: Correa, Nestor J., Carver, Andrew D., Master, Roberto

    The Central American country of Panama is located in one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. The 714,628-acre Panama Canal Watershed (PCW) alone provides habitat for thousands of plant and animal species, including 159 species of mammals and 564 bird species. A rapid ecological...

  6. Tools of the trade or part of the family? Horses in competitive equestrian sport

    Contributor(s):: Dashper, K.

    The horse-human relationship is based on mutual respect and understanding, and the development of trusting partnerships may be particularly important in elite equestrian sport, where horses and humans rely on each other to tackle sporting challenges. The increasing commercialization of equestrian...

  7. Second Chance at Life Greyhound Prison Partnership

    For years, the nightmare of the National Greyhound Foundation(NGF) has been the problem of not having a place to put the thousands of racing Greyhounds who retire in Florida every year until adoption groups can get them adopted. The NGF has researched Prison Pet Partnerships with other dogs and...

  8. Communication as a Solution to Conflict: Fundamental Similarities in Divergent Methods of Horse Training

    Contributor(s):: Savvides, N.

    This paper examines the ways in which two methods of horse training generally considered divergent approach the concepts of partnership and conflict in human-horse relations. It focuses on finding similarities between the methods, both of which, it is argued, demonstrate the significance of...

  9. Domestic dogs ( Canis familiaris) flexibly adjust their human-directed behavior to the actions of their human partners in a problem situation

    Contributor(s):: Horn, L., Viranyi, Z., Miklosi, A., Huber, L., Range, F.

    Domestic dogs ( Canis familiaris) have been shown to actively initiate triadic communicative interactions by looking at a human partner or by alternating their gaze between the human and an object when being faced with an out-of-reach reward or an unsolvable problem. It has hardly been...

  10. The effect of partnering with an assistance dog on self-esteem and social connectedness among persons with disabilities

    Contributor(s):: Rabschutz, Laurel

  11. Critters for a Day

    Contributor(s):: Budd, Kathryn S.

  12. Talking about horses: Control and freedom in the world of "natural horsemanship"

    Contributor(s):: Birke, L.

  13. Conflict and engagement: an empirical study of a farmer-extension partnership in a sustainable agriculture program

    Contributor(s):: Grudens-Schuck, N.

    Stakeholder engagement is a crucial concept of extension education. Engagement expresses democratic values of the land-grant mission by providing opportunities for stakeholders to influence programme planning, including setting the agenda and negotiating resource allocations. In practice, the...

  14. Beyond the terms of the contract: mothers and farmers

    Contributor(s):: Campbell, M.

    At the heart of the recent Canadian agricultural policy review is the concept of partnership. The formation of partnerships between various members of the agri-food sector, it is claimed, will provide a framework in which all parties will benefit. The paper describes the contract assumptions...