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  1. The ethics and morality of euthanasia: medical research, euthanasia, and the animal welfare movement

    Contributor(s):: Beck, Alan

  2. The ethics and morality of euthanasia: symbolic, historical and cultural aspects of animal euthanasia

    Contributor(s):: Langner, Paul H.

  3. The ethics and morality of euthanasia: the use of animals in research: attitudes among research workers

    Contributor(s):: Koski, Eileen

  4. Spiritual issues in animal loss

    Contributor(s):: Lora Kim Joyner

  5. Response to coyote predation on pets

    Contributor(s):: Dorinda Pulliam

    An urban coyote (Canis latrans) management program was initiated in Austin, Texas in January 2005 to address citizen’s concerns that coyotes were becoming aggressive towards humans. Although preserving public safety is the fundamental foundation for the program, concomitant program objectives...

  6. Risk indicators for grief symptoms after the death of a pet: Does quality of attachment make a difference?

    Contributor(s):: Christine Marie Henry

    Animal-human companionship has been an undervalued relationship in the field of psychology. People can form strong attachments to pets, and as a result, the death of a pet can be a devastating experience. The limited literature that exists on pet loss in the field of psychology leaves many...

  7. Companion animal loss: a disenfranchised form of grief and why it's relevant to social work

    Contributor(s):: Emily Merrill

    Thirty participants of the Companion Animal Love, Loss, and Memories (CALLM) group held at The University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center evaluated this program in order to find out if a mutual aid support group is beneficial for pet loss survivors. Demographics of participants were...

  8. The moral status of animals

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, Bernard E.

  9. The veterinarian's guide to pet loss: Preventing the preventable, preventing the inevitable, grieving without regrets

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Myrna Milani

    For veterinarians and other animal-caregivers as well as the animals' owners , the loss of a pet by any means can be even more painful in today's more complex and stressful world. Veterinarian Myrna Milani uses her 35+ years of experience in animal health, behavior, and the human-animal bond to...

  10. A loss for words: Remembering animals loved and lost

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Myrna Milani

    Veterinarian Myrna Milani knows that no one is immune to the pain of pet loss. In A Loss for Words she shares her personal experiences with loss to help you through the grieving process.In additional to her behavioral/bond practice, Dr. Milani has written numerous articles, seven books, and...

  11. Julia Dando

    Training Manager at The Society for Comapnion Animal Studies (SCAS). My background is largely from FE/HE education although prior to that I worked with horses for several years and trained as an...


  12. Pet loss in death-related literature for children

    Contributor(s):: Corr, Charles A.

  13. Grieving pet death: Normative, gender, and attachment issues

    Contributor(s):: Wrobel, Thomas A., Dye, Amanda L.

  14. Grief at the loss of a pet

    Contributor(s):: Levinson, Boris M.

  15. Health consequences of pet ownership

    Contributor(s):: Friedmann, Erika, Katcher, Aaron A. [H.], Thomas, Sue A., Lynch, James J.

  16. Helping emotionally disturbed children cope with loss of a pet

    Contributor(s):: Link, Mary

  17. Nonconventional human/companion animal bonds

    Contributor(s):: Harris, James H.

  18. Pet animals and human well-being

    Contributor(s):: Fox, M.W.

  19. Relief and prevention of grief

    Contributor(s):: Bustad, Leo K., Hines, Linda M.

  20. The human/animal bond revisited

    Contributor(s):: Braun, Esther