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  1. Life in the treehouse: pet therapy as family metaphor and self-dialogue

    Contributor(s):: Rochberg-Halton, Eugene, Sussman, Marvin B.

  2. Pet/human bonding: applications, conceptual and research issues

    Contributor(s):: Sussman, Marvin B.

  3. Pets and family relationships among nursing home residents

    Contributor(s):: Savishinsky, Joel, Sussman, Marvin B.

  4. Pets and the socialization of children

    Contributor(s):: Robin, Michael, Bensel, Robert ten, Sussman, Marvin B.

  5. Pets as family members

    Contributor(s):: Cain, Ann Ottney, Sussman, Marvin B.

  6. Pets, early adolescents, and families

    Contributor(s):: Covert, Anita Miller, Whiren, Alice Phipps, Keith, Joanne, Nelson, Christine, Sussman, Marvin B.

  7. The companion animal in the context of the family system

    Contributor(s):: Soares, Cecelia J., Sussman, Marvin B.

  8. The death of a pet: human responses to the breaking of the bond

    Contributor(s):: Cowles, Kathleen V., Sussman, Marvin B.

  9. The effects on family members and functioning after the death of a pet

    Contributor(s):: Carmack, Betty J., Sussman, Marvin B.

  10. The preadolescent/pet bond and psychosocial development

    Contributor(s):: Davis, Janet Haggerty, Juhasz, Anne McCreary, Sussman, Marvin B.

  11. The social meanings of pets: alternative roles for companions animals

    Contributor(s):: Veevers, Jean E., Sussman, Marvin B.

  12. A conception of moral sensitivity and everyday consumption practices: Insights from the moralizing discourses of pet owners

    Contributor(s):: McEachern, Morven G., Cheetham, Fiona

  13. Managing pet owners’ guilt and grief in veterinary euthanasia encounters

    Contributor(s):: Morris, Patricia

  14. Your happy aging pet

    Contributor(s):: Baltzer, Keren

  15. Dog Parks: Benefits and Liabilities

    Contributor(s):: Laurel Allen

    Dog parks have emerged in the last decade or so as places for pet owners living in suburban and urban areas to exercise their dogs. Providing a safe environment for both dog and human is a tremendous challenge. If done correctly a dog park can be that place. In the 1950s and 1960s, some state and...

  16. 'Peternity' leave could boost attendance

  17. Blood pressure and other heart measures not affected by pets

  18. Clinical digest

  19. Content validity in the PROMIS social-health domain: a qualitative analysis of focus-group data

    Contributor(s):: Castel, Liana D., Williams, Kelly A., Bosworth, Hayden B., Eisen, Susan V., Hahn, Elizabeth A., Irwin, Debra E., Kelly, Morgen A. R., Morse, Jennifer, Stover, Angela, DeWalt, Darren A., DeVellis, Robert F.

  20. Knowledge of risk could make pet owners stop smoking