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  1. Pet ownership and health

    Contributor(s):: Judith M. Siegel

  2. The Wolf and the Animal Lover

    Contributor(s):: Martin Drenthen

    For Aristotle a true friendship can only exist between free human beings, because true friendship is based on a shared understanding of the good. Yet today, some animal philosophers argue that friendships can exist between humans and animals, maybe not in Aristotle’s sense of the word but...

  3. Les interactions entre l'homme et les animaux familiers : quelques champs d'investigation et réflexions méthodologiques

    Contributor(s):: Véronique Servais

    L'article synthétise les principales études dans le domaine des interactions homme-animal. Il souligne les difficultés méthodologiques liées à la démonstration rigoureuse des effets thérapeutiques des animaux.

  4. The Ethics of Animal Training

    Contributor(s):: Anthony Milligan

    Animal training sits toward the uncomfortably overt end of human dominance. It can involve familiar kinds of harms, but, as commentators such as Vicki Hearne and Donna Haraway have pointed out, it can also enhance animal contentment, capabilities and autonomy. However, unlike socialization, it is...

  5. Man's Best Friend? Dogs and Pigs in Early Modern Germany

    Contributor(s):: Alison Stewart

    When Jacob Seisenegger and Titian painted individual portraits of Emperor Charles V around 1532, a dog replaced such traditional accouterments of imperial power as crown, scepter, and orb.3 Charles placed one hand on the dog’s collar, a gesture indicating his companion’s noble...

  6. Doug the Pug – A Working Dog's Tale by Cate Archer

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Cate Archer

    Press Release for Doug the Pug“Doug the Pug – A Working Dog’s Tale” is by Cate Archer – 5m Publishing.Doug the Pug is a wonderfully sweet natured little dog.  As a Therapy Dog, he enjoys each and every one of his working days generously sharing warmth and...

  7. Human-animal interaction in the aging boom

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, Rebecca, Bibbo, Jessica, Fine, Aubrey H.

  8. Creature Contraband

    Contributor(s):: Kelsey Rindfleisch, Amber Klootwyk, Julie Doyle

    For some college students, one of the hardest parts of being away from home is being separated from their pets. Coming home after a long day of classes just isn’t the same without your best furry, scaly or feathered friend there to greet you at the door. According to the Department of...

  9. The status and evolution of laws and policies regulating privately owned tigers in the United States

    Contributor(s):: Philip J. Nyhus, Michael Ambrogi, Caitlin Dufraine, Alan Shoemaker, Ronald L. Tilson

  10. The responsibilities of pet ownership

    Contributor(s):: August, Kristina D., Davis, Radford G.

  11. Auditory Communication in Domestic Dogs: Vocal Signalling in the Extended Social Environment of a Companion Animal [Social Behaviour]

    Contributor(s):: Taylor, Anna Magdalena, Ratcliffe, Victoria Frances, McComb, Karen, Reby, David, Kaminski, Juliane, Marshall-Pescini, Sarah

    Domestic dogs produce a range of vocalisations, including barks, growls, and whimpers, which are shared with other canid species. The source–filter model of vocal production can be used as a theoretical and applied framework to explain how and why the acoustic properties of some...

  12. Between bodies: an artist's account of the oral connection between human and dog

    Contributor(s):: Angela Bartram

    The research in the chapter ‘Between Bodies: an artist’s account of the oral connection between human and dog’ in the book Intimacy Across Visceral and Digital Performance (Palgrave McMillan: 2012) analyses the effect of working in close proximity with domestic dogs in the...

  13. Animal-Assisted Health Care

    Contributor(s):: Shelkey, Mary, Capezuti, Liz, Malone, Michael L., Katz, Paul R., Mezey, Mathy Doval

  14. Pet Ownership Among Older Adults

    Contributor(s):: The Editoral Staff,, Capezuti, Liz, Malone, Michael L., Katz, Paul R., Mezey, Mathy Doval

  15. Remedies in Animal-Related Litigation

    Contributor(s):: Joan E. Schaffner

    This chapter discusses the challenges of determining appropriate remedies in cases involving animals with a focus on companion animals. Damages fall into one of two categories: substitutionary relief, which is based on the value of loss of the animal, and specific relief, which "seeks to either...

  16. Litigating Animal Disputes: A Complete Guide for Lawyers (Introduction)

    Contributor(s):: Joan E. Schaffner (editor), Julie L. Fershtman (editor)

    This chapter introduces the topics discussed throughout the book and describes the development of the field of animal law. Most of the issues pertain to state law, and the introduction notes that the book provides sample documents that practitioners will find useful.

  17. Putting the Horse before Descartes: My Life's Work on Behalf of Animals: Companion Animals and Animal Advocates

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Bernard E. Rollins

    "Companion Animals and Animal Advocates" is one chapter of "Putting the Horse before Descartes: My Life's Work on Behalf of Animals."When philosopher Bernard Rollin was six years old, he visited an animal shelter and learned that unwanted dogs are put to sleep. That event shaped his moral outlook...

  18. Blue Juice: Euthanasia in Veterinary Medicine: Introduction

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Patricia Morris

    This is the introduction to "Blue Juice: Euthanasia in Veterinary Medicine."Offering a candid behind-the-scenes look at small-animal veterinary practices, "Blue Juice" explores the emotional and ethical conflicts involved in providing a "good death" for companion animals. Patricia Morris presents...

  19. Animal companions

    Contributor(s):: L'Abate, Luciano

  20. Health correlates of pet ownership from national surveys

    Contributor(s):: Headey, Bruce, Grabka, Markus