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  1. $250 000 in emotional distress damages for the loss of a pet? What's this bond coming to?

    | Contributor(s):: Wilson, J. F.

  2. What You Can and Can't Learn From a Pet Food Label

    | Contributor(s):: Angela Witzel

  3. Helping Client Manage the Aggressive Dog

    | Contributor(s):: Julia Albright

  4. Our Pet Population Explosion and Operation SPARED

    | Contributor(s):: Kay Clausing

    All humane societies are dedicated to preventing cruelty and suffering. No society can effectively prevent cruelty unless it makes spaying compulsory for all females released for adoption and talks spaying to every owner of a female. Even if the home is a good one in every other respect, if a...

  5. "Nobody Wants to Eat Them Alive:" Ethical Dilemmas and Dual Media Narratives on Domestic Rabbits as Pets and Commodity

    | Contributor(s):: Gayane F. Torosyan, Brian Lowe

    Using semiotic analysis, this study explores changes occurring in the societal perception of rabbits as farm animals as juxtaposed to their increasing popularity as domestic companions. This study is based on a preliminary hypothesis that rabbits are increasingly perceived and portrayed in media...

  6. Transformational Solutions of Self through Companion Animals

    | Contributor(s):: Jill R. Mosteller

    How consumers manage the dynamics between love and money can be intertwined in a myriad of ways. Based upon the growing presence of companion animals in U.S. households (now estimated at 62%) and related financial spend (over $50 billion in 2011) (APPA 2011), understanding consumers' identity...

  7. The impact of owner age on companionship with virtual pets

    | Contributor(s):: S. Lawson, T. Chesney

  8. General ethical considerations for animal-assisted therapy

    | Contributor(s):: Beck, A. M.

  9. The importance of animal companionship: implications for human and animal health

    | Contributor(s):: Beck, A. M.

  10. Animals, health and quality of life: professional development forum.

  11. Animals, health and quality of life: abstract book

  12. Veterinary business strategies and the human-animal bond: why pet welfare issues are in everyone's best interest

    | Contributor(s):: Ackerman, L.

  13. Horses as healers

    | Contributor(s):: Adams, C. L.

  14. Challenges of service dog ownership

    | Contributor(s):: Adams, C. L.

  15. Bereavement, pet loss and deceased body presentation: pet euthanasia and helping owners deal with grief

    | Contributor(s):: Brown, C.

    This article describes the role of the veterinarian in helping pet owners make decisions on euthanasia and on coping with the loss of their pets.

  16. Our role in the human/animal bond and promotion of human health and well being

    | Contributor(s):: Bustad, L. K., Hines, L. M.

  17. Making the visit to the veterinarian a positive experience for all

    | Contributor(s):: Curtis, T. M.

  18. Human-directed feline aggression

    | Contributor(s):: Curtis, T. M.

  19. Good-byes, grieving, and growing: grief - the role of pets in the family

    | Contributor(s):: Dias, J.

  20. Improve patient care and increase revenues by working with specialists

    | Contributor(s):: Donnelly, A. L.

    Pet owners in many communities today have access to specialized, high-quality medical care that previously was only available at a university veterinary teaching hospital. In part, this is due to the migration of veterinary specialists from the academic setting into private practice. As the...