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  1. Animals as Humans or Humans as Animals? A Study of Human and Animal Relationship in Robert Henryson's Morall Fabillis

    Contributor(s):: UlaƟ ÖZGÜN

    The purpose of this study is to analyse the characters of Robert Henryson’s Morall Fabillis in relation to the theme of carnality which makes humans bestial and to illustrate how the poet utilises this genre to advise people moralistically. The character analysis has been conducted by...

  2. The "Right to Autonomous Agency" and the "Right to Exit/ Sever Relationships": Theorizing our Obligations to Companion Animals in a Post-Animal Rights World

    Contributor(s):: Shitangshu Roy

    This thesis expands on the model presented in Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka’s Zoopolis for how companion animals might be treated as co-citizens in a post-Animal Rights world. I will attempt to clarify the distinct political obligations owed to companion animals throughout their lifetimes...

  3. Animal alterity: Levinasian ethics and the relationship between humans and non-human animals

    Contributor(s):: Turner, Donald Landis

  4. The human/companion animal relationship: Philosophical inquiry

    Contributor(s):: Barba, Beth Ellen