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  1. FosterFit

    Participants are assigned a foster dog partner who is with them every step of the way. During the course of the program, participants and their foster dogs work together to achieve health-oriented goals. Foster dogs are matched with participants at the start of the program, and they share a home...

  2. Helping Horse Therapeutic Riding Program

    Helping Horse has been providing horseback riding lessons to individuals with disabilities for 25 years. Therapeutic horseback riding has proven physical, mental and psychological benefits for individuals with disabilities. The movement of a horse simulates the movement of normal human walking,...

  3. Ottawa Therapy Dogs Inc.

    Ottawa Therapy Dogs is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization that provides animal-assisted therapy throughout the National Capital Region. Each year, more than 1,000 people benefit from our therapy dog programs and services.

  4. Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta

    The Mission of the Pet Therapy Society is to provide to the community safe and effective Animal Assisted Activities and Programs. The Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta recognizes that the commitment of its volunteers is vital to the success of its Mission. The Pet Therapy Society of...