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  1. Between food safety, ethics and fear, foundation for Anthropological Research on meat from cloned animals

    Contributor(s):: Milliet, Jacqueline, Brisebarre, Anne-Marie

  2. Between the domestic and the wild: Animal classifications in Indian thought

    Contributor(s):: Moreau, Ronan

  3. Building memories: commemorative deposits at Catalhoyuk

    Contributor(s):: Russell, Nerissa, Martin, Louise, Twiss, Katheryn C.

  4. Choosing human flesh? A few medieval peculiarities and the debates of contemporary research

    Contributor(s):: Vandenberg, Vincent

  5. Deer and snakes in the funeral mythology of the Iberian megalithic

    Contributor(s):: Ramirez, Primitiva Bueno, Behrmann, Rodrigo de Balbin

  6. Eating dog in Tahiti an identary affirmation?

    Contributor(s):: Mallol, Christophe Serra

  7. Horses and equestrian scenes in Iron Age rock art of the Iberian peninsula

    Contributor(s):: Ignacio Royo Guillen, Jose

  8. Meat production and butchers' role tastes and standards

    Contributor(s):: Delavigne, Anne-Elene

  9. Modern frame of reference for ewes in the "southern pre-Alps" (Digne, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France): husbandry practices and dental

    Contributor(s):: Blaise, Emilie

  10. Rock art from Houmian, Luristan province, Iran

    Contributor(s):: Remacle, Laurence, Lejeune, Marylise, Otte, Marcel, Adeli, Jaial

  11. The hare of Cisse (Vienne, France): a peculiar faunal deposit in an early medieval grave

    Contributor(s):: Gleize, Yves

  12. The Ilama and the deer: dietary and symbolic dualism in the central Andes

    Contributor(s):: Goepfert, Nicolas

  13. The post-Palaeolithic animal representations in the province of Huesca

    Contributor(s):: Painaud, Albert

  14. The role of animals in the corpus of engraved graffiti on chruch walls in Parisian basin (16th-18th cent.)

    Contributor(s):: Montenat, Christian, Guiho-Montenat, Marie-Laure

  15. Whose Bones are those? Preliminary Comparative Analysis of Fragmented Human and Animal Bones in the "Death Pit" at Domuztepe, a Late Neolithic Settlement in Southeastern Turkey

    Contributor(s):: Kansa, Sarah Whitcher, Gauld, Suellen C., Campbell, Stuart, Carter, Elizabeth

  16. Voluntary behaviour and passive response toward a human of the milking cows

    Contributor(s):: Shuji, Y.

    The behaviour of 16 milking cows of Niigata university Muramatsu Station towards a human voluntarily was examined the human sat on the pasture and when the human stood up. Furthermore, relation between the voluntary behaviour and the passivity behaviour of each individual were examined. As a...

  17. Development and social behaviour

    Contributor(s):: Fraser, A.

    The postnatal development and behavioural activities and characteristics of foals are described, including interactions with other horses and with humans.