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  1. Aplicativo vetpain

    Contributor(s):: Luna, S.

  2. High and Hyper: Fentanyl Induces Psychomotor Side-Effects in Healthy Pigs

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Digranes, Nora, Haga, Henning Andreas, Nordgreen, Janicke

    Analgesic effects of fentanyl have been investigated using behavior. The behavioral effects of fentanyl and possible serotonergic influence are largely unknown. We therefore investigated behavioral effects of fentanyl, with or without the serotonin antagonist ketanserin, in pigs. Fourteen...

  3. Welfare and performance of finishing pigs on commercial farms: Associations with group size, floor space per pig and feed type

    | Contributor(s):: Andersen, Inger Lise, Ocepek, Marko, Thingnes, Signe Lovise, Newberry, Ruth C.

  4. Behavioural changes in weaned piglets orally challenged with Escherichia coli F4 and supplemented with in-feed protected acid salts

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: López-Colom, Paola, Castillejos, Lorena, Rodríguez-Sorrento, Agustina, Mainau, Eva, Puyalto, Mónica, Mallo, Juan José, Martín-Orúe, Susana M.

  5. Effects of a competitive feeding situation on the behaviour and energy requirements of gestating sows

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Durand, Maëva, Dourmad, Jean-Yves, Julienne, Aline, Couasnon, Marie, Gaillard, Charlotte

  6. Usage of outdoor runs and defaecation behaviour of fattening pigs

    | Contributor(s):: Höne, Ulrike, Krause, E. Tobias, Bussemas, Ralf, Traulsen, Imke, Schrader, Lars

  7. Genetic associations between human-directed behavior and intraspecific social aggression in growing pigs

    | Contributor(s):: Desire, S., Calderón Díaz, J. A., Lewis, C. R. G., Roehe, R., Turner, S. P.

  8. Development of a tool to evaluate human-animal relationships to train current and future pig farmersDeveloppement d'un outil d'evaluation de la relation homme-animal pour la formation des eleveurs et futurs eleveurs de porcs

    | Contributor(s):: Tallet, C., Barbier, P., Bellec, T., Boivin, X., Delion, M., Depoudent, C., Kling-Eveillard, F., Paboeuf, P., Pol, F., Ramonet, Y., Conchard, R. V. de, Villain, N., Courboulay, V.

  9. Prioritization of Farm Animal Welfare Issues Using Expert Consensus

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Fiona C. Rioja-Lang, Melanie Connor, Heather J. Bacon, Alistair B. Lawrence, Cathy M. Dwyer

    Prioritization of animal welfare issues can help identify which areas most require research funding and raise awareness of best practices. A modified Delphi method was used to obtain expert opinion on the highest priority welfare issues for UK farmed livestock. Fifty-eight UK-based experts were...

  10. Animal welfare and its assossiations with farm size and stockmanship characteristics on European breeding-to-finishing pig farms

    | Contributor(s):: Ruckli, A. K., Dippel, S., Helmerichs, J., Hubbard, C., Munsterhjelm, C., Vermeer, H., Leeb, C.

  11. Refining restraint techniques for research pigs through habituation

    | Contributor(s):: O'Malley, C. I., Hubley, R., Tambadou, H., Turner, P. V.

    Pigs are common research models and are strong animals that can be difficult to restrain. Improper restraint can put pigs and research personnel at risk for injury and induce stress, which can affect research outcomes. This study aimed to refine restraint techniques for research pigs using...

  12. Farmyard Animal or Best Friend? Exploring Predictors of Dog vs. Pig Pet Speciesism

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Sarah Gradidge, Magdalena Zawisza, Annelie J. Harvey, Daragh T. McDermott

    Despite dogs’ and pigs’ shared similarities, previous research indicates people favor dogs over pigs (known as “pet speciesism”). While pet speciesism has been empirically sup-ported, little is known about its predictors. This gap in the literature is problematic as...

  13. Surgical Castration Changes Struggle Behavior and Vocalizations in Male Piglets

    | Contributor(s):: Lou, Maria, Ventura, Beth, Deen, John, Li, Yuzhi

  14. The Five Domains model and promoting positive welfare in pigs

    | Contributor(s):: Kells, N. J.

  15. Genetic aspects for the behaviour of lactating sows towards humans

    | Contributor(s):: Kecman, J., Neu, J., Göres, N., Voß, B., Rosner, F., Kemper, N., Swalve, H. H.

  16. Tail posture as an early indicator of tail biting - a comparison of animal and pen level in weaner pigs

    | Contributor(s):: Drexl, Veronika, Dittrich, Imme, Haase, Anja, Klingelhöller, Helene, Diers, Sophie, Krieter, Joachim

  17. Cross-fostering alters the post-weaning pig behavioral stress response in a sex-specific manner

    | Contributor(s):: Byrd, Christopher J., Young, Jennifer M., Sommer, Dominique M.

    The purpose of the current study was to evaluate whether early postnatal stress due to cross-fostering alters the behavioral response to stress in weaned pigs. We hypothesized that piglets who were cross-fostered (FOS) into another existing litter would exhibit heightened behavioral indicators of...

  18. Pigs' skin lesions at weaning are primarily caused by standoff and being bullied instead of unilateral active attack at the individual level

    | Contributor(s):: Liu, Mingzheng, Xu, Qinglei, Zhao, Jing, Guo, Yanli, Zhang, Chunlei, Cheng, Meng, Zhao, Xianle, Schinckel, Allan P., Zhou, Bo

    To evaluate the relationship between skin lesion scores and aggressive behavior categories (unilateral active attack, standoff, and being bullied) of individual pigs when placed into pens after weaning, duration and frequency of three aggressive behavior categories were observed from video....

  19. Smart Technologies Lead to Smart Answers? On the Claim of Smart Sensing Technologies to Tackle Animal Related Societal Concerns in Europe Over Current Pig Husbandry Systems

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Mona F. Giersberg, Franck L. B. Meijboom

    Current pig production systems in Europe are subject to public criticism. At the same time, Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) technologies, which allow for automated animal monitoring are entering commercial pig farms.With their claim of improving animal health and welfare, these innovations...

  20. Does weight matter? Exploring links between birth weight, growth and pig-directed manipulative behaviour in growing-finishing pigs

    | Contributor(s):: Valros, Anna, Sali, Virpi, Hälli, Outi, Saari, Sini, Heinonen, Mari