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  1. Pain evaluation in dairy cattle

    Contributor(s):: Gleerup, K. B., Andersen, P. H., Munksgaard, L., Forkman, B.

    Pain compromises the welfare of animals. A prerequisite for being able to alleviate pain is that we are able to recognize it. Potential behavioural signs of pain were investigated for dairy cattle with the aim of constructing a pain scale for use under production conditions. Forty-three cows were...

  2. Evaluation of an innovative approach for sensory enrichment in zoos: semiochemical stimulation for captive lions ( Panthera leo)

    Contributor(s):: Martinez-Macipe, M., Lafont-Lecuelle, C., Manteca, X., Pageat, P., Cozzi, A.

    Despite improvements in zoo housing and management conditions over the last years, zoo animals may still present undesirable behaviours, such as aggression, stereotypies, boredom and a general absence of natural behaviours. In order to improve animal welfare, researchers are constantly looking...

  3. Administration of a NSAID (meloxicam) affects lying behaviour after caesarean section in beef cows

    Contributor(s):: Barrier, A. C., Coombs, T. M., Dwyer, C. M., Haskell, M. J., Goby, L.

    Very little is known about the pain experienced by cattle following caesarean section and hence little consideration has been given to managing it. Thus the purpose of this study was to investigate activity-related behavioural changes in response to pain, by pre-emptively administering a long...

  4. Conditioned placebo effect in dogs decreases separation related behaviours

    Contributor(s):: Sumegi, Z., Gacsi, M., Topal, J.

    In humans, placebo effect can be produced by giving verbal information and also by conditioning when, after repeated administration of an active substance, an inactive compound that just looks like the drug administered before, can produce the effect of the active substance. Conditioned placebo...

  5. The effect of ketoprofen on post-partum behaviour in sows

    Contributor(s):: Viitasaari, E., Raekallio, M., Heinonen, M., Valros, A., Peltoniemi, O., Hanninen, L.

    A randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled trial was conducted in order to estimate pain-related behavioural changes of sows in early lactation. Ketoprofen (KET) was used (3 mg/kg BW) intramuscularly for three consecutive days post-partum (p.p.) on 19 sows. Nineteen sows were used as a...

  6. Immunocastration with Improvac TM reduces aggressive and sexual behaviours in male pigs

    Contributor(s):: Brewster, V., Nevel, A.

  7. ANXITANEReg. tablets reduce fear of human beings in a laboratory model of anxiety-related behavior

    Contributor(s):: Araujo, J. A., Rivera, C. de, Ethier, J. L., Landsberg, G. M., Denenberg, S., Arnold, S., Milgram, N. W.

  8. The effects of surgical and chemical castration on intermale aggression, sexual behaviour and play behaviour in the male ferret ( Mustela putorius furo )

    Contributor(s):: Vinke, C. M., Deijk, R. van, Houx, B. B., Schoemaker, N. J.

    The ferret (Mustela putorius furo) has become an increasingly popular pet animal, yet little is known about their behaviour and welfare. Inter- and intra-specific aggression and the intense musky scent are the two main reasons why male ferrets are normally surgically castrated. However, it is...

  9. Comparison of the effectiveness of a purported anti-static cape (the Storm DefenderReg.) vs. a placebo cape in the treatment of canine thunderstorm phobia as assessed by owners' reports

    Contributor(s):: Cottam, N., Dodman, N. H.

    Canine thunderstorm phobia is considered a noise phobia, however, it has been theorized that pain associated with discharge of accrued static electricity could contribute to this malady. This project aimed to determine if a purported anti-static cape (the Storm DefenderReg.) and a non-anti-static...

  10. An ethicist's commentary on the client who wants a placebo

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, B. E.

  11. Effects of dog-appeasing pheromones on anxiety and fear in puppies during training and on long-term socialization

    Contributor(s):: Denenberg, S., Landsberg, G. M.

  12. The placebo effect in animals

    Contributor(s):: McMillan, F. D.

  13. Influence of olfactory substances on the heart rate and lying behaviour of pigs during transport simulation

    Contributor(s):: Driessen, B., Peeters, E., Geers, R.

    This study investigated the effect of olfactory substances on the heart rate and lying behaviour of pigs during transport simulation. Five treatments were tested through the application of each substance to pigs' snouts with a paintbrush. These consisted of: (1) control treatment (wiping without...