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  1. Comparative Effectiveness of Interventions for Children Exposed to Nonrelational Traumatic Events

    Contributor(s):: Forman-Hoffman, Valerie L., Zolotor, Adam J., McKeeman, Joni L., Blanco, Roberto, Knauer, Stefanie R., Lloyd, Stacey W., Goldman Fraser, Jenifer, Viswanathan, Meera

  2. Animal-assisted play therapy to empower vulnerable children

    Contributor(s):: VanFleet, Risë, Faa-Thompson, Tracie, Green, Eric J., Myrick, Amie

  3. Animal Madness: A Natural History of Disorder

    Contributor(s):: Braitman, Laurel

  4. Horses in therapy : an exploration of the treatment of trauma using equine assisted therapies

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, Robin E.

  5. Inseparable

    Contributor(s):: Faw, Caitlin Henning

  6. Under pressure: understanding post-traumatic stress disorder and treatment methods for combat veterans

    Contributor(s):: Maurer, Kirsti

  7. Complementary and Alternative Medicine Approaches in the Treatment of PTSD

    Contributor(s):: Wynn, G. H.

  8. Can Praxis

    Can Praxis uses horses to help soldiers recover from it and regain their family relationships. Can Praxis is a collaboration between Steve Critchley and Jim Marland. Critchley is a 28 year veteran of the Canadian Forces and an international mediator, facilitator, negotiator, and trainer....

  9. Semper K9

    Semper K9, a 501(c)3 public charity, was founded by OEF/OIF combat veteran Marine Corps Dog Trainer & Kennel Master Christopher Baity and his wife Amanda Causey Baity. Christopher has a passion to help his fellow service members and to provide Assistance Dogs to wounded, critically-ill and...

  10. Safe Humane Chicago

    Partnering veterans with shelter dogs in Safe Humane’s Court Case Dog™ Program, VALOR uses the human-animal bond to help veterans achieve emotional healing. Veterans gain a sense of efficacy as they socialize and train these animals who have survived abuse and neglect. Current...

  11. Operation Horses and Heroes

    Operation Horses and Heroes, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) (pending) not for profit corporation providing an intensive, multi-day EAP program that immerses the individual and families in the world of the horse. Using a variety of activities, beginning from simple care and grooming to powerful therapy...

  12. Hearts 4 Heroes United States

    Hearts 4 Heroes Corp. “H4HUS” is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides equine-assisted and canine-assisted therapy to U.S. veterans suffering from physical and psychological impairments, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).H4HUS offers this support to veterans free of...

  13. Dogs for Heroes

    Our mission to place rescued American Staffordshire Terrier's, Staffordshire Terrier's, American Pit Bulls, American Bullies, English Bulldogs, and other Molosser Breeds, then rehabilitate and train them as Companion, and Service Dogs for fellow Veterans who are suffering with Post...

  14. Puppies Behind Bars

    Puppies Behind Bars (PBB) trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and explosive detection canines for law enforcement. Puppies enter prison at the age of eight weeks and live with their inmate puppy-raisers for approximately 24 months. As the puppies mature into...

  15. Equus Medendi

    As the words demonstrate, Equus Medendi, (Equus, latin for horse, Medendi, for healing) our mission is healing with horses. Equus Medendi’s mission is to create an environment that uses horses and a team of professionals to provide supplemental and alternative treatment to those that have...

  16. Train a Dog Save a Warrior (TADSAW)

    The Mission of TADSAW (Train a Dog Save a Warrior) is to provide for the training of a Medical Alert Service dog, as designated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, for any wounded warrior, active duty or veteran, surviving with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military...

  17. The Battle Buddy Foundation

    The Battle Buddy Foundation is the only national non-profit organization founded by veterans with the combined mission of assisting other veterans in the acquisition of psychiatric and mobility service dogs, providing a network of peer support and activity, and promoting education and awareness...

  18. USA Battle Buddies

    As a nonprofit organization, USA Battle Buddies provides service assistance animals and veteran support to combat wounded veterans suffering from service connected physical disabilities and emotional stress related to their military service in order to help them transition back to civilian life.

  19. New Life K9s

    New Life K9s is saving lives through the power of human-canine relationships.  We train service dogs for veterans with PTSD and the dogs are provided at no cost to the veteran.  Our program will help prevent suicides, enrich relationships, reduce homelessness, save community resources,...

  20. Canine Support Teams, Inc.

    Founded in 1989, by Carol Roquemore, Canine Support Teams provides service dogs to increase the ability of someone with disabilities to live independently while simultaneously providing loving companionship. Canine Support Teams is a non-profit organization, made possible by the many people who...