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  1. A field study with primary school children on perception of social presence and interactive behavior with a pet robot

    Contributor(s):: Marcel Heerink, Marta Díaz, Jordi Albo-Canals, Cecilio Angulo, Alex Barco, Judit Casacuberta, Carles Garriga

    This paper presents a study on measuring (1) how children experience a pet robot, (2) how they play with it and (3) how children’s perceptions on and interaction with pet robots are interrelated. The study features different types of subjective and objective techniques to assess the degree...

  2. The Effects of the Presence of An Animal on Anxiety and Communication

    Contributor(s):: Benjamin T. Nielsen

  3. Pets as safe havens and secure bases: The moderating role of pet attachment orientations

    Contributor(s):: Zilcha-Mano, Sigal, Mikulincer, Mario, Shaver, Phillip R.

  4. Pferde und Dissoziation. Stabilisierungsarbeit mit traumatisierten Menschen im Rahmen pferdegest├╝tzter Therapie [Horses and dissociation. Stabilization work with traumatized people in horse assisted therapy]

    Contributor(s):: Josten, Katharina, Volmer, Jan

  5. Can Robots Manifest Personality?: An Empirical Test of Personality Recognition, Social Responses, and Social Presence in Human-Robot Interaction

    Contributor(s):: Lee, Kwan Min, Peng, Wei, Jin, Seung- A., Yan, Chang