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  1. Health promotion with the animal assisted training (MTI) for drug offenders

    Contributor(s):: Stetina, BU, Gegenhuber, B, McElheney, J, Handlos, U, Kuchta, B, Gindl, B, Werdenich, W, Kryspin-Exner, I

  2. Dog welfare for the conveyance of pro-social skills to prison populations

    Contributor(s):: Linaza, Iñaki, Muro, Cristina

  3. Canines (and Cats!) in Correctional Institutions: Legal and Ethical Issues Relating to Companion Animal Programs

    Contributor(s):: Rebecca J. Huss

    Approximately one in 107 adults in the United States is incarcerated in some type of correctional institution. Effective programs are necessary to address the issues of these inmates. A growing number of correctional facilities allow for companion animals to be integrated into their programs in a...

  4. Voices from behind prison walls: the impact of training service dogs on women in prison

    Contributor(s):: Minton, C. A., Perez, P. R., Miller, K.

    This study investigated the effects that training service dogs had on women in a multi-level security prison in California. Through semi-structured interviews, the inmates discussed the challenges and benefits of involvement in this program. The findings suggested that participation in training...

  5. Prisoners, pups, and PTSD: the grass roots response to veterans with PTSD

    Contributor(s):: Furst, Gennifer

  6. From Pound to Prison … then Paradise

    Contributor(s):: Smith, Mikelle D.

  7. Inmates gain pride from helping others

    Contributor(s):: Tsimekles, Diane

  8. Examining demographic and situational factors on animal cruelty motivations

    Contributor(s):: Hensley, C., Tallichet, S. E., Dutkiewicz, E. L.

  9. Second Chances Colorado: An Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy Program for Colorado Inmates

    Contributor(s):: Provencher, Katherine J.

  10. Paws in Prison: A Second Chance

    Contributor(s):: King, Tiffany

  11. Puppies for Parole

    Puppies for Parole is a unique program made possible through our partnerships with animal shelters and animal advocate groups statewide. Selected offenders have the opportunity to become trainers to rescue dogs in the program. Offenders work with the dogs teaching them basic obedience skills and...

  12. Prison-Based Animal Programs (PAPs) and Mental Health Outcome Measures

    Contributor(s):: Kaitlyn N. Swyers

    The following text will detail the pervasiveness of mental health issues in prisons as a nationwide problem. This provides an important context and poses the urgent research questions of (1) how prisons can realistically attempt to lower the impact of mental health issues that are plaguing more...

  13. The therapeutic potential of a prison-based animal programme in the UK

    Contributor(s):: Mercer, Jenny, Gibson, Kerry, Clayton, Debbie

  14. A Basket of Puppies ... Well, Almost [From the Editor]

    Contributor(s):: Borman, Laurie D.

  15. Canine Community Corps

    The Canine Community Corps promotes rescue, dignity, and service among military veterans, prison inmates and shelter dogs. Through our efforts, these three populations create a compassionate community in which everyone both serves and is served. The Canine Community Corps is a registered...

  16. Puppies Behind Bars

    Puppies Behind Bars (PBB) trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and explosive detection canines for law enforcement. Puppies enter prison at the age of eight weeks and live with their inmate puppy-raisers for approximately 24 months. As the puppies mature into...

  17. Don't Throw Us Away

    Don’t Throw Us Away is a mutually beneficial program.  In this partnership, homeless dogs gain the love, training and rehabilitation that will make them adoptable and inmates become empathetic and gain a sense of responsibility and purpose, allowing them to re-enter society as...

  18. Friends for Folks

    Contributor(s):: Clayton, Susan L.

  19. Going to the Dogs: Prison-Based Training Programs Are Win-Win

    Contributor(s):: Hogle, Pamela S.

  20. Healing Inmates' Hearts and Spirits With Man's Best Friend

    Contributor(s):: Osborne, Shannon J., Bair, Renee