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  1. Studying the Research-Practice Gap in Physical Therapies for Cerebral Palsy: Preliminary Outcomes Based on a Survey of Spanish Clinicians

    Contributor(s):: Sanchez, C., Lerma-Lara, S., Garcia-Carmona, R., Urendes, E., Laccourreye, P., Raya, R.

  2. How the University Organizational Culture Is Being Experienced? Phenomenological Studies of Experiencing the Here and Now of the Organization

    Contributor(s):: Konecki, Krzysztof

  3. Veterinary social work: Practice within veterinary settings

    Contributor(s):: Holcombe, T. Melissa, Strand, Elizabeth B., Nugent, William R., Ng, Zenithson Y.

  4. Application of animal-assisted interventions in professional settings: An overview of alternatives

    Contributor(s):: VanFleet, Risë, Fine, Aubrey H., O'Callaghan, Dana, Mackintosh, Teal, Gimeno, Julia

  5. Emergent Theory and Model of Practice in Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling

    Contributor(s):: Stewart, Leslie A. , Chang, Catherine Y., Rice, Robert

  6. Survey of veterinary practice policies and opinions on neutering dogs

    Contributor(s):: Diesel, G., Brodbelt, D., Laurence, C.

  7. Introduction: Animal Abuse and Family Violence

    | Contributor(s):: Loring, Marti, Marsh, Janessa, Geffner, Robert

    The present collection of articles attempts to shrink the literature gap that currently exists in the areas of animal abuse and its relation to family violence. This introductory chapter outlines the historical issues of animal cruelty, based specifically on an interview with Frank Ascione, a...

  8. High blood pressure: an integrative approach: a natural standard monograph

  9. Effects of animal-assisted therapy on agitated behaviors and social interactions of older adults with dementia: an evidence-based therapeutic recreation intervention

    | Contributor(s):: Richeson, N. E.

  10. Science and pseudoscience in developmental disabilities: guidelines for social workers

    | Contributor(s):: Thyer, B. A., Pignotti, M.

  11. An ethicist's commentary on the case of a veterinarian drawing clients away from a previous practice

    | Contributor(s):: Rollin, B. E.

  12. Caring in veterinary practice

    | Contributor(s):: Antelyes, J.