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  1. Successful Edenization through education

    Contributor(s):: Steiner, Jack L., Eppelheimer, Cean, DeVries, Marla

  2. Teaching aging content to university-level non-gerontology majors

    Contributor(s):: Beland, Robert

  3. Training students to functionally assess elderly clients in a home health setting

    Contributor(s):: Wilson, Cindy C., Netting, F. Ellen

  4. Using focus groups to identify lifestyle and health issues in the elderly

    Contributor(s):: Davis-McFarland, Elise, Trickey, Becki, Reigart, Beth, Shilling, Lilless, Wager, Karen, West, Valerie

  5. Value of pets in geriatric practice: a program example

    Contributor(s):: Ebenstein, Helene, Wortham, Jennifer

  6. Volunteers: the value of pet therapy

    Contributor(s):: Donaldson, Marcia C.

  7. What is there to do? A potpourri of programs for residents

    Contributor(s):: Lewis, Kenneth

  8. "No service-dogs allowed": how administrators, educators, and campus staff can best comply with service-dog access laws

    Contributor(s):: Randy Brown

    In November 2011, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran attending classes at an Iowa community college was refused access to a theater performance on campus because the instructor of the cass was concerned the veteran's service dog would disrupt the open-to-the-public event. The student-veteran was...

  9. Equestrian therapy

    Contributor(s):: McCowan, L. L.

  10. The shelter's role in the bond

    Contributor(s):: Arkow, P.

  11. Teaching Kindness: The Promise of Humane Education

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Arbour, R., Signal, T., Taylor, N.