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  1. Consumer preferences for farm animal welfare: results from a telephone survey of US households

    Contributor(s):: Prickett, R. W., Norwood, F. B., Lusk, J. L.

    As animal industry and animal advocacy groups debate how farm animals should be treated, little research has focused on the attitudes of consumers in the United States. This study utilises results of a representative telephone survey to measure consumer attitudes towards farm animal welfare, and...

  2. Effect of an open window and conspecifics within view on the welfare of stabled horses, estimated on the basis of positive and negative behavioural indicators

    Contributor(s):: Ninomiya, S., Kusunose, R., Obara, Y., Sato, S.

    The effect of environmental enrichment on the welfare of stabled horses was estimated on the basis of positive and negative behavioural indicators. Six stabled horses were exposed for seven days to each of two conditions in early spring: (i) a window at the back of the loose box was opened, but...

  3. Is welfare all that matters? A discussion of what should be included in policy-making regarding animals

    Contributor(s):: Yeates, J. W., Rocklinsberg, H., Gjerris, M.

    Policy-making concerned with animals often includes human interests, such as economy, trade, environmental protection, disease control, species conservation etc. When it comes to the interests of the animals, such policy-making often makes use of the results of animal welfare science to provide...

  4. Protective behaviour of Konik horses in response to insect harassment

    Contributor(s):: Gorecka, A., Jezierski, T.

    The natural protective behaviour displayed by Konik Polski horses against flies was investigated. The factors considered were age (adults versus foals), management system (forest reserve versus pasture), weather conditions and type of horse activity. Twenty-five Konik Polski adults and 18 foals...

  5. Responses to short-term exposure to simulated rain and wind by dairy cattle: time budgets, shelter use, body temperature and feed intake

    Contributor(s):: Schutz, K. E., Clark, K. V., Cox, N. R., Matthews, L. R., Tucker, C. B.

    Our objective was to examine how short-term exposure to wind or rain, or the combination of wind and rain, influences behavioural and physiological responses and the motivation for shelter. Twenty-four, non-lactating, pregnant Holstein-Friesian cows were individually housed and allocated one of...