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  1. Animal-assisted therapy on happiness and life quality of chronic psychiatric patients living in psychiatric residential care homes: a randomized controlled study

    Contributor(s):: Sahebalzamani, M., Rezaei, O., Moghadam, L. F.

  2. Approach bias modification in inpatient psychiatric smokers

    Contributor(s):: Machulska, Alla, Zlomuzica, Armin, Rinck, Mike, Assion, Hans-Jörg, Margraf, Jürgen

  3. Pet dogs as nonverbal communication links in hospital psychiatry

    Contributor(s):: Corson, Samuel A., Corson, Elizabeth O., Gwynne, Peter H., Arnold, L. Eugene

  4. Service dogs, psychiatric hospitalization, and the ADA

    Contributor(s):: Muramatsu, R. S., Thomas, K. J., Leong, S. L., Ragukonis, F.

  5. An evaluation of the benefits of a companion animal to chronic psychiatric inpatients (pet-facilitated therapy)

    Contributor(s):: Del Monaco, Margaret Mary

  6. Effectiveness of an Animal-Assisted Therapy Program in an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit

    Contributor(s):: Holcomb, Ralph, Meacham, Mary

  7. Pets as Adjunct Therapists in a Residence for Former Psychiatric Patients

    Contributor(s):: Nielsen, Julia A., Delude, Lloyd A.

  8. Rabbit: Therapeutic prescription

    Contributor(s):: Doyle, Marina C.

  9. A reason to live

    Contributor(s):: Major, C. L.

  10. A reason to live

    Contributor(s):: Major, C. L.

  11. Effects of a supported program for horseback riding on inpatients diagnosed with schizophrenia: a qualitative exploratory study

    Contributor(s):: Corring, Deborah J., Johnston, Megan E., Rudnick, Abraham

  12. Showcasing student research

  13. The noninterpretation of metaphors in psychiatric hospital groups

    Contributor(s):: Katz, Gil A.

  14. 'It's like being in another world': Demonstrating the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding for individuals with psychiatric disability

    Contributor(s):: Bizub, Anne L., Joy, Ann, Davidson, Larry

  15. How to evacuate a psychiatric hospital: A Hurricane Katrina success story

    Contributor(s):: Thomas, Joan, Lackey, Nancy