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  1. Affiliation in human-animal interaction

    Contributor(s):: Beetz, Andrea, Bales, Karen, Freund, Lisa S., McCune, Sandra, Esposito, Layla, Gee, Nancy R., McCardle, Peggy

  2. Affiliation in human-animal interaction

    Contributor(s):: Beetz, Andrea, Bales, Karen

  3. Variation and Plasticity in Equid Behavior: Coevolution and Domestication

    Contributor(s):: Brubaker, Alexali Sienna

  4. A sociobiological analysis of human-canine attachment in an adult population

    Contributor(s):: Magrini, Michelle Marie

  5. Cardiovascular response to verbalization in type A and type B individuals in the presence of a pet dog (heart rate, stress, blood pressure, social support, human-animal bond)

    Contributor(s):: Locker, Barbra Zuck

  6. Effects of dog walking, walking, and pet presence on women's stress levels

    Contributor(s):: Lacey, Annette

  7. Human Ability to Recognize Dogs' (Canis familiaris) Facial Expressions: From Cross Cultural to Cross Species Research on the Universality of Emotions

    Contributor(s):: Bloom, Tina

  8. Measuring stress, attachment behavior, and adoptability in domestic cats at a local humane society

    Contributor(s):: Dybdall, Kathryn J.

  9. Stress, social support, health and human-animal bond in single mothers

    Contributor(s):: Koontz, Janet L.

  10. The biobehavioral effects of stress related to fear and anxiety in domestic canines

    Contributor(s):: Dreschel, Nancy A.

  11. Attachment to pets : an integrative view of human-animal relationships with implications for therapeutic practice

    Contributor(s):: Julius, Henri

  12. From mice to men: Biological factors in the development of sexuality

    Contributor(s):: LeVay, Simon

  13. How mothers are born: A psychobiological analysis of mothering

    Contributor(s):: Mileva-Seitz, Viara, Fleming, Alison S.