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  1. How should the psychological welfare of zoo elephants be investigated?

    Contributor(s):: G.J. Mason, J. Veasey

    The welfare of elephants is an enormous challenge for zoos in terms of animal husbandry, financial cost and public perception. This chapter’s aim is not to discuss whether elephants should be held in captivity: resolving this issue would involve sound data on the costs and...

  2. Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities in Alzheimer's Disease

    Contributor(s):: Sibel Cevizci, Halil Murat Sen, Fahri Gunes, Elif Karaahment

    This book section discusses animal assisted therapy and its effect on chronic diseases like Alzheimer's Disease.

  3. Man's best friend: animal-assisted therapy

    Contributor(s):: Mosher-Ashley, Pearl M., Barrett, Phyllis W.

  4. Pets and Loneliness

    Contributor(s):: Woodward, John C., Queen, Janel

  5. Companion animal program

    Contributor(s):: Lago, Dan, Connell, Cathleen M., Knight, Barbara

  6. Befriending man's best friends: Does altruism toward animals promote psychological and physical health?

    Contributor(s):: Dizon, Marivic, Butler, Lisa D., Koopman, Cheryl