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  1. 'It's like being in another world': Demonstrating the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding for individuals with psychiatric disability

    Contributor(s):: Bizub, Anne L., Joy, Ann, Davidson, Larry

  2. Influence of dolphin-assisted therapy sessions on the functional state of children with psychoneurological symptoms of diseases

    Contributor(s):: Lukina, L. N.

  3. Die Untersuchung psychosozialer Wirkungen tiergest√ľtzter Intervention bei dementen Menschen in station√§ren Einrichtungen

    Contributor(s):: Beckmann, Antje

  4. Grief resulting from euthanasia and natural death of companion animals

    Contributor(s):: McCutcheon, Kelly A., Fleming, Stephen J.

  5. Mental health and therapy mediated by animals: a programme at the Porto Alegre's Center for Psychosocial Care for Children and Adolescents - TAA Part III

    Contributor(s):: Faraco, C. B., Pizzinato, A., Csordas, M. C., Moreira, M. C., Zavaschi, M. L. S., Santos, T., Oliveira, V. L. S. de, Boschetti, F. L., Menti, L. de M.

    The aim of this study was to examine the repercussions of an Animal Assisted Therapy programme among a group of patients at the Center for Psychosocial Care for Childhood and Adolescence at the Hospital de Clinicas of Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The study focused on the...

  6. Pet therapy in the primary school: Results of a practical experience

    Contributor(s):: Pietro, S. di, Giudice, E., Costa, M., Famulari, L., Staropoli, C., Pugliese, A.

    Young people are often bombarded with problems related to growing up. Pets play a major role in inciting human relations and social activities. A pet then becomes a friend, confidant, and playmate to a child. However, a child may not be knowledgeable of the animal's life and its physical...