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  1. The use of animals as an adjunct to clinical therapy: A review of the literature addressing four research questions

    Contributor(s):: Anderson, Abby Victoria

  2. The use of pet-facilitated therapy in the treatment of depression in the elderly: A behavioral conceptualization of treatment effect

    Contributor(s):: Struckus, Joseph Edward

  3. The use of pets as transitional objects in adolescent interpersonal functioning

    Contributor(s):: Wolfe, Jessica

  4. The use of pets in psychotherapy

    Contributor(s):: Mason, Margaret Sheppard

  5. The use of visiting animals for animal assisted therapy in a long term care facility

    Contributor(s):: Robelotto, Judith Ann

  6. Therapeutic benefits of equine assisted psychotherapy for at-risk adolescents

    Contributor(s):: Whitely, Ruth

  7. Therapeutic effects of companion animal placement in a residential care facility

    Contributor(s):: Carusa, Sandra Shapp

  8. Trauma-focused Equine-assisted Psychotherapy Effects on Child and Adolescent Functioning Scale Scores Following Six Months of Treatment

    Contributor(s):: Amanda Katherine Kruger

    Trauma, such as severe neglect or abuse, incurred during critical developmental periods, such as childhood and adolescence, may create negative and pervasive effects in behavior and emotion. Previous scholarship has demonstrated that animals can provide therapeutic benefits for trauma victims,...

  9. Understanding the human-companion animal relationship: A study of middle-aged women and their companion animals

    Contributor(s):: Downey, D'Ann

  10. Understanding the Value of Dog Facilitated Psychotherapy, What Theory Emerges?

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Annemarie Una Harmon O'Brien

    Animal Assisted Therapy is a field that is growing substantially with animals purported to be a panacea from everything from autism to prisoner reform. In many countries they are incorporated into psychotherapy process. The researcher wanted to explore if this is a valid form of practice, the...

  11. Volunteer observations of animal-assisted therapy

    Contributor(s):: Connors, Colleen Ann

  12. When horses heal: a qualitative inquiry into Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

    Contributor(s):: Esbjorn, Ritu Janice

  13. Where the wild things are: The benefit of an integrated zoo-based program for the social development of young children

    Contributor(s):: Frankie, Sara Morse

  14. Women and nature: Connection to animals and spirit experienced by Celtic-Irish women

    Contributor(s):: Mitchell, Carolyn Finn

  15. Women with HIV/AIDS and pet companionship: The human-animal bond

    Contributor(s):: Silva, Paris Lynn

  16. Zooterapie z pohledu zdravotnického pracovníka

    Contributor(s):: Sandra Línková

    Bakalářská práce pojednává o zooterapii a náhledu na ni ze strany zdravotnického personálu a laiků, kteří se o ní zajímají a pracují s ní. Skládá se ze dvou částí -...