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  1. The animal-human bond: Health and wellness

    Contributor(s):: Friedmann, Erika, Son, Heesook, Saleem, Mudasir, Fine, Aubrey H.

  2. Service dogs: Taking the 'dis' out of disabilities in children with with intellectual or behavioral disabilities

    Contributor(s):: Fry-Johnson, Yvonne W., Powell, Suzanne, Winokur, Donnie Kanter, Merrick, Joav

  3. Building human habitats [Part 2]: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Other Animals

    Contributor(s):: Thomas, William H.

  4. The lives of elderly bird-keepers: a case study of Hong Kong

    Contributor(s):: Ngan, Raymond, Leung, Edward

  5. Animal companions

    Contributor(s):: L'Abate, Luciano

  6. The relationship of ethics to livestock and quality of life

    Contributor(s):: Cook, E. David

    The ethical issues of xenotransplantation are considered under the headings: animal rights; animal welfare; human safety; and limiting harm and doing good. The need for ethics is explored and the nature and content of current ethical reflection described. This is then applied to a discussion of...

  7. Agribusiness and consumer ethical concerns over animal use and foods of animal origin: the emergence of new ethical thinking in society

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, Bernard E.

  8. Animal welfare and use

    Contributor(s):: Bruce, Donald M., Bruce, Ann

  9. Preface

    Contributor(s):: Hodges, John

  10. An alternative ethic for animals

    Contributor(s):: Comstock, Gary L.

  11. Ethics, culture and development: livestock, poverty and quality of rural life

    Contributor(s):: Goulet, Denis

  12. Animal biotechnology: convergence of science, law and ethics

    Contributor(s):: Heap, Brian R, Spencer, George C. W.

  13. Community of life- the ethical way forward

    Contributor(s):: Hodges, John

  14. Consumer expectations for animal products: availability, price, safety and quality

    Contributor(s):: Huh, Shin-haeng

  15. Intensification of agriculture and free trade

    Contributor(s):: Juday, Dave M.

  16. Livestock, ethics and quality of life in Asia: the food-feed dimension of grain demand

    Contributor(s):: Khush, Gurdev S., Sombilla, Mercedita C., Hossain, Mahabub

  17. Livestock, ethics, quality of life and development in Africa

    Contributor(s):: Kinoti, George K.

  18. Livestock, ethics, quality of life and development in Latin America

    Contributor(s):: Li-Pun, Hugo, Leon-Velarde, Carlos U., Mares, Victor M.

  19. Equine welfare and ethics

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, B.

  20. New and old perspectives on the therapeutic effects of animals and nature

    Contributor(s):: Katcher, Aaron H., Beck, Alan M.