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  1. Population trends of resident and migratory Canada geese in relation to strikes with civil aircraft

    Contributor(s):: Dolbeer, Richard A., Seubert, John L., Begier, Michael J.

  2. Avian diets in a saline ecosystem: Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA

    Contributor(s):: Roberts, Anthony J.

  3. Improved methods for deterring cliff swallow nesting on highway structures

    Contributor(s):: Delwiche, M. J., Coates, R. W., Gorenzel, W. P., Salmon, T. P.

  4. Understanding Volunteerism in an Animal Shelter Environment: Improving Volunteer Retention

    Contributor(s):: Rebecca Davis

    Volunteers are an essential part of any nonprofit organization. In many cases, volunteers play a vital role in the success of the organization in which they serve. Specifically, this paper focuses on the volunteers serving animal shelters: a place that does not always have a positive outcome for...

  5. A model to predict the likelihood of cliff swallow nesting on highway structures in northern California

    Contributor(s):: Coates, R. W., Delwiche, M. J., Gorenzel, W. P., Salmon, T. P.

  6. Some successful methods to mitigate conflicts caused by common ravens in an industrial environment

    Contributor(s):: Merrell, R. J.